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Appoint and complete job changes for employees who are recruited and hired locally.

eAppoint enables administrators to process appointments into eHR for locally recruited applicants employed in a variety of temporary jobs. Appointment procedures differ depending on employee group you appoint.

Steps to Getting Set-up in eAppoint:

  • Complete the tutorial for your role (mandatory). As an initiator or validator you are required to complete the topics related to the types of appointments you will initiate or validate in eAppoint. For example: If you will appoint Non-Union Casual and Work Study employees for the department - complete only these topics.
  • Update your eHR access by completing the eAppoint Security Access Request form. You will find this form under Employee Self Service Homepage > System Access tile. Your security access will be updated once you have successfully completed the tutorial.
  • Get an RU-VPN ID: eAppoint requires a secure network connection. Refer to the Network and Wireless page on the CCS website for connecting on or off campus. The CCS Help desk at x556806 will assist with this set-up.

Complete the eAppoint Tutorials

These sessions cover a range of topics for initiators and validators from creating short term appointments to validating transactions that create employment records. To get started, select your role below:

Initiators 

Faculty or department designates who process local appointments for temporary and contract employees such as non-union casual, research assistants, work-study students, token payments, and graduate student stipends.

Validators 

Faculty or department designates who review and validate the total contract amounts for temporary and contract employees and any data changes that will affect an employee's pay.

Launch eHR

Launch the eHR system using the direct link to eHR or by logging in to the my.torontomu portal and navigating to the eHR tab.

Need help?

For eHR application support or for alternative format requests for eHR tutorials, please contact HR Client Services at 416-979-5075 or