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Support in the Hiring Process for Candidates

Three Ryerson employees smiling and laughing sitting at a table on Gould Street.

The Indigenous Human Resources Lead, Tracey King, is available to support candidates thinking of applying, faculty and staff who are looking for support settling in, and leaders who are looking to hire Indigenous faculty and staff.

In each of these scenarios, contact Tracey as soon as possible, even if you are still in the consideration stages of applying for a position, and she can provide helpful assistance through the process.

Tracey’s work includes:

This also includes working directly with Indigenous scholars who may be considering applying for a faculty position. This includes clarifying what is needed for an application, liaising with department hiring chairs/committees to seek answers to questions and more. As part of this, Tracey may meet one-on-one with scholars, attend campus visits, as well as research or teaching presentations and facilitate lunches with Indigenous Student Services. Indigenous scholars are encouraged to reach out to Tracey for support. 

Support for hiring leaders 

Hiring leaders and department hiring committees are encouraged to contact Tracey who can provide support, including:

  • creating equitable and inclusive sourcing, recruitment, selection and hiring processes;
  • facilitating learning sessions with a cultural based context; and,
  • participating and attending campus visits, research and teaching presentations for Indigenous scholars.

Hiring leaders are also encouraged to visit the list of Indigenous organizations in the greater Toronto area for opportunities to promote job postings via job boards or community boards.

Additionally, hiring leaders are encouraged to learn more about the Learn for Empowerment Program, which provides a pathway to increase Indigenous representation amongst faculty and staff.

Contact Tracey

Tracey can be reached at 416-979-5000, ext. 554705 or