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Operations & Technology

There’s a lot that needs to happen to make a large organization run smoothly. In Operations and Technology, we’re committed to creating seamless processes for record keeping, payroll, TMU’s employee web-based applications and more.

What we do

We provide a variety of services to faculties/departments and employees, including:

  • employee record management;
  • information and assistance with leave administration;
  • implementing legislative, policy and collective agreement provisions related to salaries, benefits, seniority, attendance, taxation and more;
  • payroll and time and absence processing;
  • issuing confirmation of employment and records of employment;
  • developing, implementing and maintaining TMU's eHR system and web based applications;
  • providing HR systems training and documentation; and
  • developing custom reports and queries, from HR systems and data, for faculties and departments.

Who we are

Name Title E-Mail Phone Extension
Stefanie Ellul Executive Director, HR Operations and Technology  
Tamara Jacobs Manager, HR Technology ext. 552279
Tracey Bellissimo Assistant Manager, HR Client Services ext. 556252
Wayne Verge Assistant Manager, Payroll & Time Management ext. 556238