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2021-22 Ryerson Gold Medal Recipients

The Ryerson University Gold Medal is the University's highest honour, awarded to students with outstanding academic achievement combined with outstanding involvement with the University, their profession, and/or the community.

Ryerson Today — Meet the fall 2021 award-winning graduates

Faculty of Arts

Dr. Fiona Thomas, Psychology PhD (left) and Dr. Brittany Jamieson, Psychology PhD (right)

Dr. Fiona Thomas, Psychology PhD

Fiona Thomas (left) exemplifies the qualities honoured by the Ryerson Gold Medal. Fiona is an SSHRC Vanier Scholar whose program of research seeks to understand links between chronic stress and trauma in displaced populations. Her scholarly achievements are evident in her award-winning doctoral dissertation and her exceptional record of research dissemination. Fiona has demonstrated outstanding leadership through significant contributions to the university in the areas of supporting student mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Fiona is also actively involved in serving the community, locally and internationally, sharing her expertise to support mental health programming for asylum seekers and refugees.

Dr. Brittany Jamieson, Psychology PhD

Since completing her pre-doctoral clinical residency at Hamilton Health Sciences, Brittany Jamieson (right) has been hired within the Child and Youth Mental Health Outpatient Service. 

“In my role, I get to apply the knowledge and skills that I developed at X University and work with individuals and families in their recovery journey. As my training at X University was life-span focused, I am also working part-time with adult clients in a private practice, Hamilton Psychological Services,” said Brittany.

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The Creative School

Michelle Melles, Documentary MFA

Michelle Melles, Documentary MFA

Michelle Melles is an accomplished artist with a wealth of experience in documentary film. During her time in the Documentary Media program at Ryerson, Michelle’s contributions included supporting her cohort as well as creating work that furthers understandings of mental health. Michelle’s contributions to the program, her commitment to mental health advocacy and to further growing and developing her role as an artist in the service of community enrichment make her an ideal candidate for the Ryerson Gold Medal which celebrates student leadership and impact.

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Faculty of Community Services

Emma MacGregor, Nursing MN

Emma MacGregor, Nursing MN

Emma MacGregor’s outstanding academic success, her research that gives voice to women and their bodies undergoing healthcare procedures and her strong leadership through active involvement in community outreach to ensure everyone is valued and seen, speak to her humanitarian consciousness, generosity of time care, and respect for all humanity. Emma is everything Ryerson University can be proud of as she moves forward with her doctoral studies to advance healthcare education, research, practice and the quality of life for everyone, especially for marginalized populations. She will continue to be an ambassador of our highly sought graduate programs at Ryerson University.

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Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Dr. Alice Rueda, Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD

Dr. Alice Rueda, Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD

Alice Rueda is not only the recipient of the Ryerson Gold Medal (FEAS), she has also been awarded the Governor General’s Academic Gold medal, one of the most prestigious awards presented to a student in a Canadian educational institution. Surprisingly, becoming a PhD candidate in electrical and computer engineering was not always on her list of options. Instead, with an interest in urban big data analytics, Alice had plans to pursue an MBA.

Fortunately for the healthcare field, she was introduced to professor Dr. Sri Krishnan, who sparked her interest in the pathological effects of Parkinson’s disease (PD) on the voice. This neurological disorder typically affects seniors’ motor and non-motor capabilities. By combining her data analytics skills with research in digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations, Alice made considerable contributions toward engineering assistive technology to help PD patients become more independent.

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Faculty of Science

Niloufar Rostam Shirazi, Physics MSc

Niloufar Rostam Shirazi, Physics MSc

Niloufar Rostam Shirazi is the first undergraduate medical physics student to receive the Ryerson Gold Medal. She has been awarded competitive scholarships including NSERC-USRA, NSERC-CGS, OGS, RGS and many departmental awards. Her dedication to research has led to several journal publications, presentations and conference proceedings during her undergraduate and master’s degree which helped contribute to the advancement of diagnostic imaging in ultrasound. Niloufar has demonstrated her leadership skills during the pandemic by pursuing a team lead role at several mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics, contributing to record numbers of vaccinations in North America. Niloufar was also an active member of the RGSU in her role as the executive officer of educational opportunities, where she actively worked with the student union to maintain an environment that enriches the life of every student to maximize their engagement in different aspects of learning. As a first-generation immigrant in Canada, Niloufar helped guide and support many students as a mentor in the Ryerson tri-mentoring program. She has been highly regarded as a teaching assistant (TA) and was awarded the best TA award, nominated by her department.

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Ted Rogers School of Management

Noah Friedman, Management MScM

Noah Friedman, Management MScM

Noah is an exemplary student, achieving a perfect GPA during her master’s studies, while also remaining committed to student life and social causes. Her research on item reuse can help drive sustainability and greener consumption. She served as the vice-president of communications for the MScM Student Association and also participates in the MScM Peer Mentor and Co-op Mentorship programs, where she helped new students to learn the ropes. She has also served as a student member of the school’s SRC committee, helping to boost our research culture. She aspires to apply the qualitative and quantitative research skills gained in the MScM program in a career in marketing research.

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Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Ruvimbo Musiyiwa, Communication and Culture MA

Ruvimbo Musiyiwa, Communication and Culture MA

Ruvimbo Musiyiwa, who graduated with a master of arts in communication and culture, received the Ryerson Gold Medal for her groundbreaking research on social media influencers in marketing, and her exceptional commitment to scholarship and community.

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