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CUPE 3904 Unit 3 TA/GA Equity and Inclusion Award

The purpose of the CUPE 3904 Unit 3 TA/GA Equity and Inclusion Award is to recognize, promote, and reward the contributions that teaching and graduate assistants (TA/GAs) make to improve equity and inclusion in Toronto Met classrooms. 

There will be up to five (5) $1,000 awards per academic year. Funds for the award will be disbursed following the finalization of adjudication.

Who can be nominated?

Nominees must have worked as a teaching assistant (TA) or graduate assistant (GA) at Toronto Met during the 2020 calendar year. A person can receive this award only once throughout their time at Toronto Met. Individuals can only be nominated for one award per year. Nominations are only valid for the year in which they are submitted and must be based on achievements within the past year.

Recipients of this award may not receive the same award for the following two academic years.

Note: research assistants (RAs) are not eligible.

Who can submit a nomination? 

Faculty, staff and students can submit nominations. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

  1. Nominator: obtain the nominee’s permission
  2. Nominator: complete the nomination package as outlined below
  3. Nominator: submit the nomination package via Toronto Met Recognition and Awards Portal
  4. Nominee: Accept the nomination through the Toronto Met Recognition and Awards Portal and upload teaching philosophy

As part of your nomination package, you will upload four documents in PDF format:

  1. Letters of Support: letters of support should provide specific examples of why the nominee should be considered for the CUPE 3904 Unit 3 TA/GA Equity and Inclusion Award. Examples should be directly linked to the award criteria (see below).
    1. One letter of support from a Supervising Instructor (SI) - (maximum 2 pages)
    2. Two letters of support from students - (maximum 1 page each)
  2. A Teaching Philosophy (1-2 pages): the teaching philosophy should demonstrate evidence of reflection on one’s practices and highlight ways in which the nominee advances the principles of equity and inclusion.
    1. This part is to be completed by the nominee. 

Note: “Supervising Instructor” (SI) is a Faculty member, Instructor, School Director, Department Chair, or Learning Support Coordinator who is responsible for supervising the TA/GA. 

Note: letters of Support cannot be written by members of the Selection Committee.

The award will celebrate TA/GAs who advanced equity and inclusion in Toronto Met classrooms through one or more of the following categories:

  • Identifies and addresses systemic barriers to learning in the classroom 
  • Demonstrates knowledge and practice of flexible approaches to teaching
  • Adapts traditional procedures and practices to strengthen accessibility and inclusion 
  • Exemplifies excellence in advancing equity and inclusion through inclusive pedagogies
  • Committed to student success by supporting diverse learning needs 
  • Contributes to a pursuit of social justice both on- and off-campus 

The Adjudication Committee will select high-quality candidates whose achievements meet or exceed the award criteria to help advance the principles of equity and inclusion. The Adjudication Committee will be broadly representative of the Toronto Met community, including faculty, staff and students. The CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Chief Steward or CUPE 3904 delegate will serve as the Chair (non-voting member). 

Specifically, the Adjudication Committee will consist of:

  • CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Chief Steward or CUPE 3904 delegate (Chair)
  • One (1) faculty/staff member approved by from the Equity and Community Inclusion Office
  • One (1) staff member from the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • One (1) undergraduate student
  • One (1) graduate student
  • One (1) YSGS member

The Unit 3 Chief Steward or CUPE 3904 delegate will approve the adjudication committee prior to adjudication. 

All nominations will be reviewed. However, priority consideration will be given to nominees who have not received a Toronto Met Award in the past. 

Note: The CUPE 3904 Unit 3 Equity & Inclusion Awards program has no connection to the official hiring process for TA/GAs at Toronto Met.

Nomination deadline: March 30, 2023

Recipient notified by: End of April 2023

Amber Grant (they/she)
CUPE 3904 Unit 3, Equity and Inclusion Committee Lead 
PhD Candidate, Environmental Applied Science & Management
Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

For technical support:

Rachel DiSaia (they/them) 
Strategic Initiatives and Policy Advisor, YSGS