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How to Set Up Gmail on a BlackBerry 10 Device

The following instructions are recommended for those who wish to access their TMU Gmail on their BlackBerry 10. These instructions use the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to set up your TMU Gmail and will also allow you to sync your Google Calendar and Contacts if you wish to do so.

1. Make sure you first get your Google Token.  This will be the password you need to use when prompted for setting up your BlackBerry 10, or any of your mobile devices with your TMU Gmail.

1. On your BlackBerry 10, locate and select the Settings Icon.

Screenshot of Blackberry App Screen

2. On the Setup screen, locate and click on “Accounts”.

Screenshot of Blackberry Settings

3. Select the “Advanced” icon which is located along the bottom of the toolbar.

(If you have already set up other email accounts on this device, you should select “Add Account” and then the “Advanced” icon.)

Screenshot of Blackberry Accounts Settings

4. Select the “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” from the Advanced Setup options.

Screenshot of Blackberry Advanced Setup

1. Enter in the required fields as follows:

  • Description: While not a required field, it might be helpful for your own reference to enter “TMU” to describe this account
  • Username: your full TMU email address:
  • Email Address: your full TMU email address:
  • Password: enter your Google Token generated in step 1.
  • Server Address enter:
  • Port: 443 (by default)

All other non-required fields can remain at their default setting.

Note: It’s up to you if you want to set a “Sync Interval” time for example, every 15 minutes, but the more often you sync, the more data used.  the Manual sync, as a default, will sync your email when you open it, or when you manually refresh your email.

Click on “Next”.

Screenshot of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
Screenshot of Blackberry Server Settings

1. On the next screen, you can select other Google Workspace apps that you wish to sync to your device such as your Google Calendar, by switching this to “on” and then selecting “Done”. 

Screenshot of Blackberry Sync Settings

2. You will now have your BlackBerry 10 configured with your TMU Gmail, and any other Google Apps you’ve selected to sync to your device via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. It may take several minutes for your device to sync.

Screenshot of Blackberry Verification Screen