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Fall and Winter 2021-2022

Stay tuned! More opportunities with our international partners will be posted soon.

Virtual Global Learning at Ryerson

Remember, Ryerson is already home to diverse perspectives and cultures. While there are many opportunities to engage with peers from partner institutions globally, don't forget that many of your peers here at home bring global perspectives to the classroom. 

Don't be shy to engage with international students and others from different backgrounds, challenge yourself to work collaboratively outside of your normal social groups, and recognize that the opportunity to learn from global perspectives is all around us if we make the effort to engage and learn.

A great example available during the academic year is International Student Supports (ISS)’s program Cultural Connections, which is open to all Ryerson students. It is an intercultural understanding program that provides students with the opportunity to connect across differences and similarities. This program promotes acceptance and appreciation of different cultures and the capacity to function interdependently with people from different cultural backgrounds.