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GCM460 DAM Creative Showcase 2022

Welcome to GCM 460's DAM Creative Showcase!


Associate Professor, GCM

This past fall term I had the privilege of teaching GCM 460 Asset Management in Graphics Communication as a virtual module. We introduced students to the foundations of digital asset management in graphic communications and allowed them to employ their knowledge this semester through a new assignment called the DAM creative, where students selected a sub-topic related to the course and re-introduced it through a creative medium.


DAM101: A quick overview of the definition of Digital Asset Management and why it’s important.

By Kevin Condo

By Rong Rong Yu


Metadata: What is metadata? What are metadata types? Why is metadata an essential part of DAM? What is a Taxonomy?


What are considerations related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and DAM?

Future Trends

Future Trends: Have a look at the main future trends with DAM.


A list of other selected advanced topics chosen by students related to DAM.

By Nancy Ly