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GCM 460 DAM Creative Showcase

Welcome to GCM 460's DAM Creative Showcase!


Associate Professor, GCM

This past winter term I had the privilege of teaching GCM 460 Asset Management in Graphics Communication as a virtual module. We introduced students to the foundation of digital asset management in graphic communications and allowed them to employ their knowledge this semester through a new assignment called the DAM creative, where students select a sub-topic related to the course and re-introduce it through a creative medium.


DAM101: A quick overview of the definition of Digital Asset Management and why it’s important.

By Isabel Cronin

By Francesca Giannace

By Julia Lewy

By Bailey Youngberg

By Brian Du

By Veronica Lee

By Sean Truong


Metadata: What is metadata? What are metadata types? Why is metadata an essential part of DAM?

By Dorotea Bajic

By VIshal Gandhi

By Katerina Servello

By Mary-Anne Buerano

By Galiana Mohammed

DAM Applications

DAM Applications: What is the difference between on-premises and cloud DAM applications. Are there any other types of DAM applications?

By Jessica Huynh

DAM Rights Management

Rights Management: A quick overview of the fundamental of Rights Management and how it can be implemented in DAM

By Grace Fawzy

Planning for DAM

Planning for DAM: How can you build a business case to use DAM? What are the right questions to ask when planning for DAM?

DAM Market Forecast

DAM Market Forecast: A snapshot of the DAM market forest in the upcoming years.

Future Trends

Future Trends: Have a look at the main future trends with DAM.

By Hana Tanasijevic

By Veronika Wiszniewska

COVID 19's Impact on the DAM Market.

The Impact of COVID-19: How did the pandemic affect the implementation and the adaptation of DAM.

By Katy Draper

And More!

Instructor approved topics: A list of other selected topics chosen by the students related to DAM.