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Sandra Tullio-Pow

Sandra Tullio-Pow

Professor, Associate Dean Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs (The Creative School)


Dr. Sandra Tullio-Pow’s research is human centred at its core. Working in collaborative teams, recent projects include inventing clothing for extraordinary groups, specifically:  police officers, patients in hospital rehabilitation programs, breast cancer survivors, women with lymphedema, women who wear plus size, and people with low vision. Her expertise is designing apparel solutions that consider the clothing taskscape to improve quality of life.


  • User Experience/Human Centered Design
  • Uniforms
  • Clothing for Special Needs
  • Health Care & Wearable Technology
  • 2017 – $50,000 – Toronto Police Services (research). Examination of uniform needs for neighbourhood officers. Principal Investigator: Tullio-Pow, S. Co-Investigators:  Schaefer, K., Dell’Agnese, L., Chau, P.Y., White, T., Dares, J., Lee, D., & Kim, N.
  • 2017 $14,320 – Liquor Control Board of Ontario (research).  Examination of uniform needs. Principal Investigator: Tullio-Pow. S.
  • Tullio-Pow, S., & Strickfaden, M. (2022). Clothing Taskscape as an Approach Toward Assessment of User Needs. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 40(1), 19–36. https://doi/org/10.1177/0887302X20968818
  • Tullio-Pow, S., Schaefer, K., Barry, B., Story, C., & Abel, S. (2021). Empowering women wearing plus-size clothing through co-design. Clothing Cultures, 7(1), 101-114. https://doi. org/10.1386/cc_00032_1
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  • Tullio-Pow, S., Yu, H., &; Strickfaden, M. (2021). Do You See What I See? The shopping experiences of people with visual impairment. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 5(1), 42-61. DOI: 
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  • Tullio-Pow, S. (2016). Mapping the Clothing Taskscape: Apparel Needs in Rehabilitation Therapy. In ITAA 2017 Proceedings: Anchored By Our Past, Navigating Our Future. St. Petersburg, FL: ITAA. Winner: ITAA Student Best Paper Doctoral*
  • Ahsan, N. & Tullio-Pow, S. (2015). Functional Clothing for Natural Disaster Survivors. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal. 24 (3), pg. 306 – 319.