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Introducing the Fashion Zone Spring Team Cohort 2022!

Get to know all 10 of our new spring teams that have joined the Fashion Zone!
By: Erica Chang
July 26, 2022

Cohort Highlight


L’Uomo Strano (external link)  is a very queer, black-owned brand aiming to create affirming wardrobes for gender-noncomforming folx and their allies through art and fashion.

Mic. Carter is a Toronto-based creative that through experimental design and stylization, has developed an interest in fusing social justice, futurity, abjection, and community with fashion. They are particularly invested in understanding how clothing can be used to embolden those on the slippages of cis-gender heteronormativity and femme-phobia, primarily through ethnographic embodiment. L'Uomo Strano is the result of this, a brand invested in creating responsive beauty for the femme-identified, gender non-conformist's wardrobe.

Redfitters (external link)  is an online garment customization shop that offers you an online platform with the best Garment Printing Facility and Quality of Garment for customization. Redfitters ensures that our customers get good quality products when they customize the garment according to their own choice.

Hall of Frames (external link)  is an eyewear brand selling glasses from ethically sourced buffalo horns from Oakville, Canada.

Upcycler (external link)  is a mobile application and website used to facilitate the repurposing of used, unwanted clothes and other textiles in an attempt to reduce post-consumer textile waste. Given the opportunity with access to a local upcycling service, fashion and environmentally conscious people can “be responsible, take action, and be creative” individuals can upcycle their post-consumer textile waste, by utilizing their used and unwanted clothes, and other textiles as raw materials in the creation of unique pieces, both as wearable items and/or soft-good items.

The Upcycler app will consist of several aspects, primarily as an online database of designers, tailors, dressmakers, and other textile-based creatives (known as Upcyclers) who will provide fashion upcycling services (e.g. used, unwanted clothes and other textiles into one-of-a-kind and/or customized fashion-related items) or soft-goods upcycling services (e.g. used and unwanted clothes, other textiles to convert into pillows, blankets, or other home décor pieces, etc.) to the public. This portfolio-styled database will serve as a bridge between local Upcyclers and their communities. The app will promote Upcyclers' work, skills, and services to generate an income while encouraging upcycling, therefore reducing post-consumer fashion and textile-related waste. Additionally, Upcycler will have an integrated e-commerce platform for designers, tailors, dressmakers, and other textile-based creatives to sell upcycled items (both fashion-related items and soft-goods ) that are not specifically made for a particular client.

Creator Toronto Inc. (external link)  was founded in 2019 by Lake and Jane. The duo developed SwapWear™, a revolutionary clothing tech that fuses art, modular design, and sustainability. In 2021, they launched the Creator Jacket – the world’s first swappable graphic jacket. The patent pending tech can swap between the original fabric, art, or even the jackets themselves.

Creator transforms consumer waste into wearable art, by working with artists and printing on sustainable fabrics. Every art panel sale supports the artist financially, and saves 5 plastic bottles from polluting oceans. 

The capability of the Creator collection increases every time new products are released into the ecosystem. Creator jackets tell the story of the person beneath the fabric. Even when that story changes. 

Modern Sunday (external link)  is a slow fashion label based in Toronto that’s on a mission to leave the planet better than we found it. We focus on creating ethically made linen wardrobe essentials that are timeless, yet far from basic. 

Modern Sunday is about more than just beautifully designed wardrobe essentials. It represents a mood, a feeling, a holistic approach to a more mindful and minimal lifestyle.

We believe in choosing quality over quantity whenever possible. We believe that you should be able to shop your values without compromising your style, which is why we create beautiful garments that can effortlessly transition from the beach to brunch to the boardroom, without skipping a beat.


SAPODILLAS (external link)  is both producing garments in a sustainable and ethical way, while also actively working to divert textiles from landfills (external link) . This slow fashion (external link)  approach allows SAPODILLAS to produce in a truly ethical way and create art with the planet front of mind.

JEC Apparel (external link)  is a Lingerie, swimwear and oijgewear slow fashion brand

MAFZAH Solutions / Haami  (external link) works to build an inclusive lingerie brand that provides all breast-owners the comfort and support they need.

Rosebud Studio (external link)  helps women lead successful professional careers by developing a deeper relationship with their professional wardrobe through holistic and sustainable wardrobe services.

Karen Wei is a made to measure business attire for women to build their confidence and help them achieve their career goals.