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As our FZ x CGI Sustainability Fashion Challenge commences, we are very excited to introduce the Top 10 Finalists!

The wait is over, we have selected the top 10 finalists for our FZ x CGI Sustainability Fashion Challenge and are very excited to be introducing them all!
By: Erica Chang
July 06, 2022
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In light of welcoming all the finalists for the FZ x CGI Sustainability Fashion Challenge, we decided to ask each participant why they want to be a part of the challenge to get to know them better. 

Get to Know: Top 10 Finalists

wendy wong

Wendy Wong

Founder of June Adaptive

Wendy witnessed close family members with medical conditions such as arthritis, paralysis, dementia and multiple sclerosis struggle to find clothing that suits their needs. Wendy launched June Adaptive, external link, specializing in contemporary adaptive clothing for people who live with disabilities or mobility challenges. Wendy has a background in the Fashion and Ecommerce industry.

“A Sustainable future is also an Inclusive one, with universal designs made to include people who live with disabilities and mobility challenges.  We hope to be able to design more adaptive fashion styles that help people get dressed in the mornings while looking good.”

eris huot

Eris Huot (They/Them)

Independent Fashion Designer

“I entered this competition to celebrate the beautiful historian of Indian fashion and the importance of sustainable design.”

shrusti patel

Shrusti Patel

Freelance Designer

“I ​​wanted to participate in this competition as I am an Indian Citizen and wanted to connect to my roots. I wanted to share my passion for Khadi Fabric and let the world know about it’s rich history as it had a major role in gaining freedom for India.”

isabelle headshot

Isabelle Sain

Interdisciplinary artist, designer and Sustainable Fashion Educator 

“Fashion Zone’s Sustainable Design Challenge allows one to reimagine the fashion system and restore the connection between the physical body, the environment and the fashion object. I want to be a part of this challenge because it engages with radical reimagination in order to collectively navigate fashion as a tool for conversation with the world we live in, the people and species we share it with.”

kinjal headshot

Kinjal Chheda

Sustainable Fashion and Textile Designer 

“A part of the Sustainable Fashion Movement is dedicated to honoring and protecting the legacies of regenerative traditional forms of textile, clothing, and art. I am privileged to be able to create a dialogue around these legacies by being a part of a competition such as this.”

Charlotte Carbone & Cassandra Myers

Charlotte Carbone (they/she) & Cassandra Myers (they/them)

Charlotte: Designer & Illustrator & Cassandra: Poet & Performer 

“Cassandra and Charlotte are dedicated to telling stories about their complex intersecting identities through art, and by extension the histories of their ancestors and homelands they were forcefully separated from. Cassandra is the heart that contains generations of trauma, healing, connection, and culture experienced through a queer disabled South Asian lens, while Charlotte is the hand that translates and expresses these multitudes with dyes, fabric, and threads.”

mirna anaee

Mirna Anaee

Fashion Arts Alumni from Seneca College and Aspiring Fashion Designer

“I want to be a part of the competition because it's a great opportunity for me to learn how to make clothes without affecting the environment. Similarly, I have been into Indian culture since long time and I'm always amazed by their fashion, fabrics and authenticity.”

Shaun Mascarenhas

Shaun Mascarenhas

Fashion Designer/ Founder of Demascare

“I wanted to be a part of this competition because not only is sustainability one of the core values of Demascare, but working towards a sustainable future in fashion gives me hope that we CAN make a positive impact on this world and leave the world a better place.”

rasika headshot


Fashion Designer

“I would like to be a part of this competition because I want to create innovative designs with sustainable materials, and a wide range of sizes including groups who have been historically marginalized by the fashion industry. Fashion is beautiful because it has many differences and I want to contribute to that difference.”