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Calling all Students Interested in Entrepreneurship and Fashion Business! Learn about the Fashion Zone Student Network!

Are you a student that is interested in the entrepreneurial industry and gaining industry experience but don’t know where to start? Check out the Fashion Zone Student Network!
March 18, 2022
Student network website banner

This march, we are so excited to be presenting the Fashion Zone Student Network!

This network is an interdisciplinary network of students eager to learn about the Fashion Industry, and grow their skills and knowledge. Whether you are curious about starting your own business in Fashion Sustainability, Tech, merchandising, etc, or you want to work with Fashion businesses, this Fashion Zone Student Network can help you expand your experience! The Fashion Zone Student Network, can help you gain the support of the community to test, validate and build upon your idea or work with a fashion brand.

Program Streams

  1. Mentorship Program: I have an idea but do not have a full business plan. The program guides you through the steps to test, validate and build upon. 
  2. Associate Program: I want to learn about the Fashion Business/industry. Gain experience by working with a Fashion Zone Startup (Paid/Course Credit)
  3. Fashion Zone Steering Committee: Students that work very closely with the Fashion Zone team to develop ideas for student engagement that understand the current needs of students.

Program Benefits

  • Mentorship 
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Networking 
  • Career Development Support 
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations

Program Expectations

  • Be our Student Ambassadors: Our eyes and ears on all things student experience
  • Commitment: Semester by Semester or 1 year (Quarterly) depending on stream
  • Check-in once a bi-monthly with a Fashion Zone Advisor
  • Attend all mandatory programming events

Program Requirements 


Be a current student of x university or recent alumni within 1 year.

Student Network Member Quotes

"I joined the Fashion Zone Steering Committee with the goal to raise awareness about the valuable opportunities in design, fashion, and technology that this community has to offer to students across The Creative School. Joining this team has allowed me to meet and work with like-minded individuals who would like to develop annual programming that can further support student success and development of core interpersonal skills." - Jasmeet Rattan


Jasmeet Rattan

"The associate program allowed me to apply skills and concepts I learned from classes into a real-life venture. It helped me develop my professional and technical skills as well as gave me the professional experience that has led me to gain more experiences than ever before! Working with a start-up allowed me to gain new skills fast and better adapt to the challenges and opportunities of building a brand. I joined the steering committee because I wanted to help new creative professionals gain the tools, resources, and information they need to enter and make their mark in the ever-changing fashion industry today." - Ricardo Felix 

Ricardo Felix

"I decided to join the steering committee to be the voice of the student body and offer ideas and solutions on improving student engagement in Fashion Zone." - Pantea Kouhpayeh

Pantea Kouhpayeh