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Looking to grow your business? Apply to the Fashion Zone’s Winter Cohort 2022!

Calling all entrepreneurs and businesses! Do you want to grow your fashion business? The Fashion Zone is excited to be opening applications for the Winter 2022 Cohort for startups, designers, brands, and businesses who are looking to build and grow and scale!
December 03, 2021
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Do you want to grow your fashion or ecommerce business but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve launched or are just about to launch and you’ve hit a wall? The Fashion Zone is beyond excited to announce our Winter Cohort recruitment! Having incubated over 200 fashion-inspired startups - from retail and fashion tech companies, to emerging and rising brands, clean beauty and jewelry, etc. - we’re taking in new companies now! Apply by January 6th.

Who are we, the FZ?


As Canada's fastest-growing incubator for fashion-inspired businesses, we support those who are committed to pushing the boundaries of their own ventures and the industry. 

We support creators with wisdom, mentorship, and community to explore, innovate and thrive in the fashion ecosystem while accelerating the likelihood of success for new companies and social ventures. 


Who are you, and is FZ right for you?

If any of the following apply to you, FZ might be the next big step forward for your fashion business.

  • I aspire to bring something new and unexpected to the fashion industry
  • I am a Canadian company looking to grow/scale my business
  • I have a product/service / technology / social impact
  • I have a business plan
  • I have at least a sample / prototype of my idea
  • I may have some sales and traction
    • If you are in the market with monthly recurring revenues of 4 figures, and are demonstrating growth month over month, you could be eligible for our more advanced programming.

If this sounds like you, consider joining the Fashion Zone Winter 2022 Cohort!

Memberships and Benefits


  • Program description:
    1. Our flagship Incubator program is geared for fashion start-ups between ideation and commercialization who are seeking support in pushing their products into the market.
  • Benefits:
    1. As a member of Fashion Zone, you’ll gain access to not just our beautiful physical spaces, but to our incredible set of online tools as well. 
    2. From access to other entrepreneurs and advisors to beautiful office space and workshops to health and wellness programs, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits in a supportive environment and in-house services! See our In-House Services Page for space access requirements and processes.

In-House Services

Online Resources 

  • Access to the Fashion Zone Start-up Toolkit - our database of useful business tools and presentations of Fashion Zone workshops
  • Access to trends research and forecasting tools from the University Library
  • Access to online business support services, legal clinics, events, student interns, etc.
  • See full Online Resources List

Industry Perks 

  • Professional services (sales, financial, legal, and marketing services)
  • Prototyping and manufacturing facilities
  • News and online learning (LinkedIn Learning, Business of Fashion membership)
  • See full Industry Perks List

Find more information on our website under Become a Member!

Application Process


If you’re feeling inspired by what we offer, then you’ve passed the first test. To complete your application, please complete the following steps:

  1. Apply online. Applications close 11:59pm, January 6, 2022.  
    1. First, you will be asked to complete a profile. 
    2. After you complete your profile, you can start an application. 
    3. You will be filtered into the incubator stream based on your response to the MRR & revenue questions. You will only see MRR or revenue questions if you selected MVP in market or later stage for product development stage
  2. Screening - your application will be reviewed in an initial screening process. Only successfully screened applicants will be invited for an interview with the Admissions team. 
  3. Interview - come in for a pitch and conversation with our Admissions team to get to know you and your business the week of January 10th.
  4. Offer - You receive a formal invitation to the Fashion Zone program by January 18 2022.
  5. Onboarding - Attend an Onboarding session on January 24th at 1pm to learn about our full program, and meet fellow members of the Fashion Zone family.
  6. Your start date in the Fashion Zone would be on January 24, 2022. 

Any questions about your application or the process can be directed to

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