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Introducing the Second Cohort of the Indigenous Fashion Support Program!

Welcome a new cohort of artists and companies making strides to represent Indigenous culture and designs.
By: Kate Sanchez
April 20, 2021
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The Fashion Zone is so excited to welcome the second official cohort of the Indigenous Fashion Support (IFS) program! We are expanding our support of Indigenous-led ventures, so please give a warm welcome to Eli’sawey, Assinewe Jewelry, Heather Bouchier Design, Amy Johnson, White Horse Rider Co., Indigenous Bridal Boutique, Raónraon Creations and Nanaboozho’s Beads!

About the IFS Program

The Indigenous Fashion Support (IFS) Program is a virtual incubation program that supports Indigenous entrepreneurs to experience the journey of building a business in the fashion industry. With a focus on fashion, product and technology, the program enables participants to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills while developing real-life solutions.

Exterior shot in snow of Elisawey Regalia clothing.
Exterior shot in snow of Elisawey Regalia clothing.
Exterior shot in snow of Elisawey Regalia clothing.


Susan Hill, creator of Eli'sawey, is an Mi’kmaq/Iroquois sewist who’s focus is to create both traditional and culturally inspired clothing and accessories.

Assinewe Jewelry floral earrings.
Assinewe Jewelry circular earrings.
Assinewe Jewelry white candle.

Assinewe Jewelry

Assinewe Jewelry offers polymer clay and beaded jewelry that are influenced by traditional Ojibwe designs made contemporary.

Heather Bouchier Designs blue dress in the woods.
Heather Bouchier Designs red dress in the desert.
Heather Bouchier Designs black dress in the woods.

Heather Bouchier Design

Heather is an Aboriginal Designer originally from the Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation in Saskatchewan. She creates Cree fashion and jewellery. Heather Bouchier Design has been based in Edmonton, AB for the last 7 years.

White Horse Rider Co. white beaded earrings.
White Horse Rider Co. long and white dangling earrings.
White Horse Rider Co. white and blue beaded earrings.

White Horse Rider Co.

White Horse Rider Co. is a new project by Brenda Marie Mercer.  She makes various types of Indigenous-style jewelry and crafts.

Raónraon Creations pick beaded earrings.
Raónraon Creations purple beaded earrings.
Raónraon Creations green and white beaded earrings.

Raonraon Creations

Raónraon Creations founder, Rosalee Laurena Mitchell, became interested in creating beautiful beadwork based on her personal mission to find a grounding outlet that would feed the soul, and connect to ancestors. She can truly say every handmade piece is created with an abundance of passion and care.

Rosalee was fortunate to have the guidance and teachings of my beadwork journey facilitated by a very dear friend. She loves incorporating traditional Mohawk colours into Raónraon Creations, and enjoys creating pieces that emanate the radiance of nature's beauty.

Nanaboozho’s Beads red, white and black hoop earrings.
Nanaboozho’s Beads earrings with "Hug Me" text.
Nanaboozho’s Beads blue rabbit fur.

Nanaboozho’s Beads

Nanaboozho’s beads is made by Two Spirit artist Caitlin Nanibush. Nanaboozho is the trickster in Anishinaabe culture and is often known as a shapeshifter. Like Nanaboozho, Two Spirit people can also shapeshift at times. Nanaboozhos’s Beads is an alternative brand that uses creepy/Kawaii aesthetic with an Indigenous twist.