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In-House Services

With so many great tools at your fingertips, our in-house services are here to help you build your business. From access to other entrepreneurs and advisors to beautiful office space and workshops to health and wellness programs, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits in a supportive, friendly and inspiring environment. 

With every Fashion Zone membership, you can expect the following:

  • Join a vibrant entrepreneurial community
  • Access to a network with over 40 industry advisors and professionals and 160+ Fashion Zone family companies
  • Members-only workshops and partnership opportunities
  • In-house fashion technician with CAD software and digital pattern making
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Drafting tables and storage space
  • Prototyping space and 3D printers
  • Currently not available during the lockdown
    • 24/7 open office space
    • Fully equipped meeting boardrooms
    • Front desk service and support
    • Health and wellness workshops, such as yoga classes
    • Mailbox service

What's Available?

  • 110 Bond (CIS) - Mondays-Thursdays, 10am-4pm.
    • Workshop: Access to workbenches/drafting table, tools, machines & assembly in the space. Some additional machines accessible in third floor Treehouse space.
    • 2nd Floor: Access to hot desks & meeting rooms
    • Storage: Limited amount of storage units available for rental
    • Mail Service: Pick up mail & packages from our front desk during the above opening times
    • Equipment: The Studio has a small amount of its own equipment that you can use and borrow. These include lights, a mobile teleprompter, an iPad, VR headsets and a gaming laptop.Note: At this current time, we will not be offering dedicated desks, but will evaluate during the first few weeks of being open.Rogers Communication Centre (RCC)There is media equipment available to be borrowed from the Equipment Distribution Centre on a vetted basis and subject to availability. Here are ideas of the types of equipment! Note that due to the pandemic & classes, access to some of these may be extra limited.
  • 122 Bond (IMA) - Mon-Friday 8:30am -6pm
    • Global Campus Studio - additional hot desks. This is a larger room than the meeting rooms at 110 Bond, so could be used if you're meeting in a larger group.
    • Open Space - large area for assembly/testing/basic fabrication work.

What's Required to Access?

  1. Fees To access on-campus resources (Workshop, Hot Desk Spaces, Equipment Borrowing): We will be implementing monthly fees to cover the cost of maintaining the spaces. These are add-ons to whatever membership fees you may be paying. They are as follows:
    • Add Hot Desk/On-Campus Fee
    • External/Toronto Metropolitan University Alumni: $50/month
    • Current Students: $0 - Gives your team access to booking work spaces at 110 Bond & 122 Bond and borrowing equipment. Storage (Large)
    • External/Toronto Metropolitan University Alumni: $100/month
    • Current Students: $50/month - Dedicated lockable storage for you to use, such as a large cabinet. [Note: If you are storing items in the building external of a storage unit, we will charge you the equivalent of a large storage unit. This would be additional to any storage you might be paying for.Note: Nothing combustible may be stored in the cabinets, please use the designated hazardous materials storage in the Workshop. Storage (Small)]
    • External/Toronto Metropolitan University Alumni: $65/month
    • Current Students: $35/month - A dedicated lockable drawer or cabinet for you to use.
  2. Vaccination: As per the university's policy, anyone coming onto campus is required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and submit proof of vaccination. You must submit your proof of vaccination to the university's system via the RyersonSafe app. Here is information on how to do so! After you submit, you'll receive an automatic email with your confirmation (this includes a coloured QR code). You must forward this to This does not happen automatically. You will not have access to on-campus activities until we receive this email. You are not required to send us any other proof, just this email.Note: Individuals who require an exemption from the requirement for vaccination for medical reasons or other protected grounds recognized by Ontario's Human Rights Code may be permitted to attend campus or in-person university activities off campus, subject to regular rapid antigen testing requirements and other health and safety measures that may be implemented by the university. To request an exemption, you also use the RyersonSafe app.Note: On the website, you may see a listed deadline to submit proof of vaccination by September 20th. We have been told you can continue to submit proofs of vaccination past this date.
  3. Register an account on our booking software (external link) ! Make sure to use your name for your account so we can easily identify you. Note: You will only be able to view and book spots after we've received your vaccination.
  4. Safety Training (For any member accessing the Workshop space)Due to the nature of the tools and work in this room, the University requires everyone who is working in the space to complete the D2L safety training. You will need to use your university login to access the modules. Details on creating an account was included in your original onboarding email. If you need further assistance with your account, reach out to Angelique ( These are the modules you will need to complete:
  5. General Liability Insurance (For Businesses): As outlined in ‘Article X Insurance and Indemnity’ of your Membership Agreement, those accessing on-campus spaces who operate as a business (incorporated or registered) must obtain at their sole cost and expense comprehensive general liability insurance with limits of at least $2,000,000. Policies are to be maintained from the commencement of your work in the Zone until your graduation. The company shall provide the Studio with a certificate of insurance evidencing the insurance required.
    • Toronto Metropolitan University
      Environmental Health and Safety eLearning
      Toronto Metropolitan University employees are required to complete Environmental Health and Safety eLearning training to help keep safe and stay informed in the workplace.

Facilities and Equipment

HQ Main Space

Open office workspace in Downtown Toronto

PAD System

Fashion pattern technician with CAD software

Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines

Reception Area

Front desk service and support

The Gallery Boardroom

Fully equipped boardrooms

Drafting Table

Drafting tables