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Startup Incubator

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Step into the dynamic world of style and innovation at the Fashion Zone, nestled within the vibrant campus of Toronto Metropolitan University. A freeform program, Fashion Zone fosters creativity and entrepreneurship, and provides a fertile ground for budding designers and visionaries to cultivate their ideas and transform them into tangible realities.

Seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology, this incubator hub encourages collaboration, provides mentorship, and supports experimentation, propelling the next generation of fashion pioneers towards industry prominence. The Fashion Zone empowers its diverse community to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and shape the future of fashion on a global scale.

Are you a...


Do you have a business plan? How about a product or prototype? Does your business and/or product have a social media following, traction and sales?  If so, you’re ready to apply as a Fashion Zone company.

If accepted, your company will be granted a one-month membership. Membership is always free for Toronto Metropolitan University current student founders.

*There is no cost for the first month of incubation. However, business insurance is required. At the one-month mark, all new companies are subject to review.


An associate is a current Toronto Metropolitan University student that is interested in getting involved with a business in the fashion industry to learn firsthand about entrepreneurship, and to gain critical job skills.

The associate gets matched with a Fashion Zone startup to develop their skills, prepare them for the job market, and/or give them the confidence to start their own venture. These are paid opportunities (hourly wage or honorarium), and if not paid, they must be in exchange for internship hours. These are NOT volunteer positions.

Apply below to get on the waitlist for the Associate Program.


Program Benefits and In-House Services:

With so many great tools at your fingertips, our in-house services are here to help you build your business. From access to other entrepreneurs and advisors to beautiful office space and workshops to health and wellness programs, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits in a supportive, friendly and inspiring environment. 

  • Join a vibrant entrepreneurial community
  • Access to a network with over 40 industry advisors and professionals and 160+ Fashion Zone family companies
  • Members-only workshops and partnership opportunities
  • In-house fashion technician with CAD software and digital pattern making
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Drafting tables and storage space
  • Prototyping space and 3D printers
  • 24/7 open office space
  • Fully equipped meeting boardrooms
  • Health and wellness workshops, such as yoga classes
  • Mailbox service
  • Workshop: Access to workbenches/drafting table, tools, machines & assembly in the space. Some additional machines accessible in third floor Treehouse space.
  • Access to hot desks & meeting rooms on the 2nd floor
  • Storage: Limited amount of storage units available for rental
  • Mail Service: Pick up mail & packages from our front desk during the above opening times
  • Equipment: The Studio has a small amount of its own equipment that you can use and borrow. These include lights, a mobile teleprompter, an iPad, VR headsets and a gaming laptop.
  • Global Campus Studio - additional hot desks. Meeting rooms available for larger groups. 
  • Open Space - large area for assembly/testing/basic fabrication work.


Application Process

If you’re feeling inspired by what we offer, then you’ve passed the first test. To apply for our program, you will need to go through the following steps:



Applications are currently closed.





You receive a formal invitation to join the Fashion Zone program. Welcome to the FZ family!



Your application will be reviewed in an initial screening and, if successful, you will be invited for an interview.



Attend an onboarding session to learn about our full program and meet fellow members.



Our admissions team will invite you for a conversation and pitch to get to know more about you and your business.

*For students applying to our Associate or Mentorship program, we will bring you in for a meeting where we get to know your skills and your goals.


Facilities and Equipment

HQ Main Space

Open office workspace in Downtown Toronto

PAD System

Fashion pattern technician with CAD software

Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines

Reception Area

Front desk service and support

The Gallery Boardroom

Fully equipped boardrooms

Drafting Table

Drafting tables

  • Safety Training (For any member accessing the Workshop & Treehouse space)Due to the nature of the tools and work in this room, the University requires everyone who is working in the space to complete the D2L safety training. You will need to use your university login to access the modules. Details on creating an account was included in your original onboarding email. If you need further assistance with your account, reach out to your Fashion Zone at These are the modules you will need to complete:
  • The Innovation Studio Booking System - The Innovation Studio | Skedda (external link) 
  • Toronto Metropolitan University EHS trainingWHMIS, Machine Safety, PPE Training, and Chemical Safety
  • Safety Module training is completed through Toronto Metropolitan University’s D2L Brightspace online learning portal, which can be accessed when you log into your my. ryerson.caIf you are unable to access the D2L Safety Module content please review this quick-start guide and then reach out to Angelique Bowen-Achong via email. When you successfully complete your Safety Training Modules, please:
  • Download the Safety Training Module certificate PDFs and rename it in accordance to the following naming-convention:  "YYMMDD Firstname - Lastname - Safety Module Name - Certificate".
  • Upload the renamed PDFs to this submission form (external link) .
  • General Liability Insurance (For Businesses): As outlined in ‘Article X Insurance and Indemnity’ of your Membership Agreement, those accessing on-campus spaces who operate as a business (incorporated or registered) must obtain at their sole cost and expense comprehensive general liability insurance with limits of at least $2,000,000. Policies are to be maintained from the commencement of your work in the Zone until your graduation. The company shall provide the Studio with a certificate of insurance evidencing the insurance required.
  • Toronto Metropolitan University Environmental Health and Safety eLearning. Toronto Metropolitan University employees are required to complete Environmental Health and Safety eLearning training to help keep safe and stay informed in the workplace.