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Professor Emeritus Status

Establishment of the Status of Professor Emeritus/Emerita, Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita and Senior Librarian Emeritus/Emerita



After normal or early retirement, members of the TMU faculty who have held the rank of Professor or Associate Professor or Librarian II, III or IV may be granted the honorary status of Professor (or Associate Professor or Librarian II, III or IV) Emeritus/Emerita, with attendant rights, privileges and responsibilities as outlined below. The emeritus title will be consistent with the rank held at the date of retirement.

  1. Normally the title may be conferred on all retiring faculty who meet the rank requirement and who have served TMU (formerly Ryerson) for a minimum of 10 years, as well as senior librarians who have served for 10 years.
  2. In exceptional cases, where an individual does not meet the rank or length of service requirement, the Dean may make a recommendation through the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs to the President for the conferment of the appropriate “Emeritus/Emerita” designation.
  3. With the approval of the President (or the Board in the case of the President) an appropriate emeritus title may also be awarded to a senior academic administrator who retires from the University after serving one or more terms in the administrative position.

By July 1 each year, the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs shall identify those retiring faculty and librarians who are eligible and, subject to their written agreement, recommend to the President that the Emeritus/Emerita designation be conferred upon them. The President shall confer the status with appropriate notification of the designation to the recipient and to the University community.

Previously retired faculty or senior librarians may apply at any time to the Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs who will forward the names of eligible retirees to the President for the conferring of the status.

Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities

The status shall carry no duties or obligations, but its holder may be called upon for advice or counsel. Retired members of the TFA have no right of representation by the Association.

In addition to contractually based benefits established for retired TFA members, the University may provide various privileges to individuals holding emeritus status. These privileges will be provided at the absolute discretion of the University and are subject to modification at any time. Listed below are the privileges implemented as of 2000:

  1. A listing of such individuals will be maintained in the University calendar.
  2. Where individuals have been appointed to a separate adjunct status with their department/Faculty for specified contributions to be rendered (e.g., sessional teaching, involvement in SRC and/or graduate programs, etc.) they will also be listed with the “active” staff in the departmental and/or Faculty sections of the calendar, with the emeritus designation.
  3. Their names will be retained on all appropriate departmental, Faculty and University mailing lists (e.g., for receipt of newsletters, announcements, information on lectures, seminars, social functions, etc.), subject to annual request for maintenance of their listing.
  4. They will have the right to participate in academic processions at convocation.
  5. They will be issued with one set of business cards indicating emeritus status and title, without charge. Further sets will be provided at cost.
  6. They will be accorded the status of regular academic staff with respect to Library services, however some restrictions may apply in respect of electronic services in light of licensing agreements.
  7. They may use the University mailing address for scholarly purposes.
  8. They may retain a University e-mail address upon request, renewable annually.
  9. While engaged in scholarly or academic work using their association with the TMU, emeritus faculty/senior librarians, like other members of the TMU academic community, will comply with University policies including those involving OHS, and ethical and professional conduct.
Responsibility for Policy

The Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs will be responsible for the implementation of the Policy and will recommend to the President any certificates, ceremonies and privileges associated with the awarding of professor emeritus/emerita status.


June 28, 2000
Revised June 8, 2005
Revised August 13, 2021