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Green Labs Program

Toronto Metropolitan University is home to over 900+ undergraduate and research labs across 40 buildings. Lab spaces are among the most resource intensive spaces at universities - they typically consume between 5 to 10 times more energy, 4 times more water and can generate more waste than classrooms or offices.

Developed by the Sustainability Office in consultation with Environmental Health and Safety, the Green Labs Program presents an opportunity for lab users to lead by example and implement safe and sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of their labs.

Participants learn about best practices, exchange ideas, participate in events and competitions, and access resources to succeed.

Key areas covered in the program:

  • Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Water Conservation
  • Chemical Handling
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • Engagement

How does it work? 

The Green Labs Program uses a transparent, self-reporting framework for participants to measure and track their sustainability performance. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Select a Green Lab rep or form a team. Contact the Sustainability Office to register.

Step 2:

Complete introductory training sessions.

Step 3:

Complete the scorecard and submit to the Sustainability Office.

Step 4:

Receive your certification level.

Step 5:

Display your certificate!

  • Save money, reduce resource consumption and make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Build new relationships across campus and provide a model for other labs to follow
  • Align your lab with TMU’s sustainability goals.
  • Rethink how things have been done by exploring new processes, technologies, and ideas.
  • Attract and retain top research talent who are increasingly seeking out organizations that share their values.

Registration will begin in November 2022 and the first training session will take place shortly after.

  • Attend an introductory training session and an in-person walk-through of your lab with members of the Sustainability Office
  • Complete the Green Labs scorecard within three months of the date of the training session.
  • Report any changes or progress to the Sustainability Office annually from the date the lab received the certification to renew your certification.

To join the Green Labs Program, please email

Labs can achieve one of four levels of certification based on points earned for each action they complete:

  1. Bronze- minimum of 50% points earned
  2. Silver- minimum of 65% points earned
  3. Gold- minimum of 80% points  earned
  4. Platinum - minimum of 95% points earned 

The points are determined based on the answers in the Green Labs scorecard Excel file. An overview of the scorecard will be provided during the first training session.

Participating labs will receive a Green Lab certificate for contributing to sustainability on campus!

Successful labs will:

  • Be featured on the Sustainability Office website
  • Receive a certificate to display in the lab
  • Be provided with a certified Green Lab icon that can be displayed on websites and documents. 
  • Be able to present yourself as a Certified Green Lab in research and grant applications.


Participating Labs


KHN 211 - Dr. Koivisto
Lab team lead: Judy Castillo


KHN 202 - Dr. Foucher, Dr. Gassage, Dr. Willians and Dr. Sacripante
Lab team leads: Rachele Carafa, Kathleen May


If you have questions about the Green Labs Program, please contact Sharmilla Raj, sustainability engagement lead at