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Master's Student - Thesis and Professional Paper

For information on the MASc Thesis Option or MASc Project Options, please refer Program Information.

Students will be enrolled in the Master’s Thesis or Master’s Project Paper milestone when the research proposal is approved by both the faculty supervisor and the program director.

Proposal approval deadline:

See the EnSciMan Thesis/Professional Project Paper Proposal Guidelines for detailed information about of what your proposal should consist. Proposals are to be submitted using the EnSciMan MASc Thesis and Professional Project Paper Proposal Approval (external link)  Form.

- Supervisory Relationship (Senate Policy #164, section 16.2)

- Readiness for Examination (Senate Policy #164, section 19)

- Master’s Thesis Requirements (Senate Policy #164, section 21)


  • Second year MASc students who have submitted an approved thesis or project proposal by the end of July will see their ES8930 Seminar enrollment in RAMSS at the end of August.  
  • Students who need to take ES8930 but have not been enrolled may email the program administrator ( to request for enrollment.  The email must include the APPROVED research proposal form or evidence that the proposal has been approved by the student’s faculty supervisor and Graduate Program Administrator.  With no exception, all students must be enrolled in Fall term courses by the Fall enrolment deadline.
  • ES8930 is offered only once in an academic year. If a student misses the opportunity to enrol in the Seminar course in Fall of their second year, they will have to delay taking this course until the following Fall.  
  • To learn more about the requirements of the master’s thesis and/or the master’s professional project, pease refer to the appropriate guides listed below.  


Proposal approval deadline:
Full-time master’s students At the end of the 2nd term of study in year 1.                             
Part-time master’s students  Before taking the last course and enrolling in ES8930.