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After Graduation

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Graduates of TMU's English department go on to a number of diverse and fascinating careers. Students can take advantage of real world placements, experiential learning opportunities and international and cross-national exchanges to complement and enhance their future career prospects. The BA in English provides a solid basis in both practical methodology and theoretical inquiry, both of which help our graduates excel in fields like journalism, professional writing, politics, education, library sciences, politics, human resources, public relations and more.

Students who are interested in applying to Teacher’s College after completing the BA in English should check out the application requirements for the Teacher’s Colleges they wish to attend and select courses that meet these requirements. The most current information for Teacher’s Colleges in Ontario can be found at the Ontario Universities Application Centre Teacher Education Application Service (external link, opens in new window) .

For further information about course selection for Teacher’s College, contact the Program Administrator or the Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor.

Students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in English literature should check the application requirements for the programs to which they wish to apply. Students should remember that most graduate programs require applicants to show coverage of major literary periods (i.e., the courses in Literature and Culture of Core Elective Table II). 

For further information on course selection for graduate school, contact the Program Administrator.  

Students may be interested in the following graduate programs available at TMU:

  • Communication and Culture (PhD)
  • Digital Media (MA)
  • Immigration and Settlement Studies (MA)
  • Journalism (MJ)
  • Literatures of Modernity (MA)
  • Professional Communication (MPC)  

The Raymond G. Chang School of Continuing Education (opens in new window)  at Ryerson offers a wide variety of Certificate Programs (opens in new window) , including the popular Publishing Certificate.

The Ryerson English Alumni Association is a volunteer organization that was founded in 2019. Membership is open to all Toronto Metropolitan University English Alumni, which includes graduates of both the Masters Program and the Undergraduate program.

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