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Creative Writing

Creativity is an important component of our degree. In addition to opportunities to write in creative writing settings and to meet authors from diverse literary and cultural backgrounds, students explore modes of creativity and critical scholarship to enhance their knowledge of the world. Creativity is integrated into our curriculum to help students develop not just as writers but as participants in the larger cultural contexts that shape their lives.

TMU’s longest running creative publication is the White Wall Review, a journal with national distribution that we’ve been publishing since the 1970s. Every year, students volunteer to be part of the editorial team that puts together the annual issue, organizes the journal’s fall launch, and takes part in the Toronto “Word On the Street” festival in September. You can serve on the editorial board, gain experience as a copy editor, or lend your talents with graphic design or Web page management. You can also submit your creative writing, photography, or visual art to be considered for publication.

The Continuist is a magazine run by and for students. The magazine gathers submissions based on various chosen themes and publishes the material throughout the year in a range of media including chapbooks, cds, and online zines. The Continuist also hosts D.I.Y. (do it yourself) art events throughout the year. Their launch parties have become legendary.

The Writer's Collective is a group that uplifts and inspires writers across the campus. They provide writers with a safe space to collaborate with others and to share written work with peers.

The Student Union also provides information on other student-run magazines and journals.

If you’d like to start up a brand new publication, a reading series or some other event, the English Department is keen to offer you space and equipment to get the work done. For funding assistance for such projects, check out the English Department’s Discovery Grant.