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BA in English

Students in the Bachelor of Arts Honours English degree explore literary and cultural works across a variety of media, genre, cultures, and historical periods. Students develop critical thinking, communication, research and marketable career skills while engaging in the rich, cultural milieu of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

The BA in English consists of 20 English courses (9 required courses and 11 English electives) and 20 other electives (Open Electives and Liberal Studies) over four years in the program. In the first year, students gain a broad, interdisciplinary base of knowledge, skills, and methodologies while establishing the basis for study in the English discipline by sharing a common first year with other programs in the Faculty of Arts.

Beginning in the second year, students select English electives from Table II to develop breadth of literary knowledge and skills. Over the course of their studies, students foster the development of career skills in their practicum coursework and showcase their learning in the capstone seminar.  

The BA English program has the option for students to join the Faculty of Arts Co-operative Education program. This competitive opportunity allows students who pass the admission process to complete three mandatory career-relevant paid employment experiences in various terms throughout their program for academic credit, and an optional fourth work term. Students must also complete an academic course prior to their first work term, which will provide a foundational understanding of the labour market context while also facilitating the development of skills related to job searches and successful employment.  Students apply in the summer between first and second year to join the co-op option in their second year of study.

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Students also have the opportunity to Study Abroad in the Winter Term of their third year.

Double Majors in English

BA English students can develop a secondary area of study by opting to pursue a Double Major with either History (opens in new window)  or Philosophy (opens in new window) . The Double Major consists of 13 required and elective English courses, plus an additional 13 required and elective courses in the second subject major.   Students apply after first semester (and by Feb 2 of their second semester) to transfer into the double major for second year.

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