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All-In Approach

A group of five smiling students stand together in a circle outside on the Toronto Metropolitan University campus.

At the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS), we believe in making meaningful shifts in culture. We’re shaping the next generation of engineers, architects and building scientists, leaders who are curious, ethical and collaborative when inventing creative solutions for some of society’s most complex problems. We’re driving this change with our multifaceted All-In Approach (AIA) to education. Embedded within our DNA, AIA is an overarching philosophy that recognizes how a student’s success depends on their academic, personal, community and professional experiences at Toronto Metropolitan University and beyond.


AIA is a philosophy that articulates our commitment to developing creative and ethical leaders, ready to co-create transformational futures.

The Five Hubs

When it comes to student development, FEAS is proud to be dynamic, passionate and engaging. AIA’s five co-curricular hubs—Well-being, Academic Success, Leadership, Career Development and Experiential Learning—each represent an integral piece of the student experience. At FEAS, we provide a multitude of resources and opportunities within these hubs to help students grow into imaginative and exceptional leaders.


We know that personal well-being is essential to student success. We encourage students to self-reflect to help them set meaningful goals and determine ways to achieve them. Services that support this multidimensional development include:

Academic Success

Academic Success is about more than a GPA. It’s about helping students develop long-lasting skills like critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. We offer many services and opportunities to help them prosper, including:


We strive to create leaders who are curious, ethical and committed to improving the quality of life for all. Multiple worldviews, cultures and identities shape our teaching methods, encouraging students to be creative and compassionate thinkers. We’re supporting the development of inclusive leaders through services and initiatives such as:

Career Development

At FEAS, we prepare our students for the future. We help students develop the relevant skills and knowledge to help them thrive in the workplace, but also guide them as they build professional networks and navigate an evolving job market. Throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies, we’ll foster students’ professional development with these career supports:

Experiential Learning

Student learning happens both in and out of the classroom. Using experiential and interdisciplinary teaching styles, our professors embrace innovation and push back against the status quo. FEAS supports its faculty members to be lifelong experiential learners through a variety of faculty resources. In turn, they support our students while they tackle real-world problems and take risks in a hands-on and collaborative environment that includes co-curricular programs designed to help them thrive including:

  • Applying degree coursework to real-world companies, startups and ventures through Zone Learning 
  • Gaining paid, full-time work experience via co-operative internships 
  • Design teams, where students work on inventive projects and compete internationally and more