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At the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, our donors are creating a foundation to support our students in becoming the innovators, problem solvers, and leaders of tomorrow. Their contributions allow us to nurture our students' minds by giving them the facilities and tools needed to solve the problems plaguing our society. Donation sizes can range, but each gift is an investment into our world's future engineers and architects, and we are excited to introduce you to the very people that make that happen.

George and Helen Vari

George & Helen Vari

In 2018, the George and Helen Vari Foundation made a gift of $1 million to FEAS—the largest-ever single donation dedicated to the Faculty’s entrance awards. Discover the inspiration behind the gift and how George and Helen Vari create opportunities for TMU engineers.

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Hydro One

By renewing its support for the Women in Engineering (WiE) program at FEAS, Hydro One continues to encourage women to pursue the profession. Discover how Hydro One powers women in engineering and the impact that WiE has had on its members.

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Schneider Electric Canada

With the goal of improving the efficiency of buildings and infrastructure, Schneider Electric Canada and TMU partnered to build the Smart Building Analytics Lab—the first of its kind in Canada. Discover what makes this lab so special and how TMU is addressing tomorrow’s energy issues.

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Norman Esch Foundation

A cornerstone of FEAS’s culture of innovation, the Esch Awards continue to fund and mentor entrepreneurial students. Discover what two Esch-supported companies are up to and why the award is inspiring the next generation of engineers (opens in new window) .

Donor Stories