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Being a member at the SDZ is free! Whether you're looking to expand your skillset or have an idea for a problem you want to solve (it can be a passion project or a startup), SDZ membership provides you with access to our network of collaborators, industry contacts, workspaces, events.

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"I'm not pursuing a startup idea. I want to meet new people and develop career-relevant skills."

The Participate stream is for those interested in learning and exploring something new.

You don't need an idea or startup for this stream, as the main focus is to learn how to solve problems, to meet like-minded people, and to learn about the evidence-based approach to innovation.

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“I know what area I’d like to work in, but I don’t have an idea or I have a very early stage idea.”

In the Ideate stream, members have found an idea/problem that they are passionate about solving and want to start applying their knowledge to make it a reality.

The SDZ's safe and supportive environment provides you with tools and peer-insight to accelerate your growth.

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“I need technical and/or business support to determine whether or not my idea is feasible”

Those in the Validate stream have an early-stage solution and require either business or technical support.

Here, we work as more of a traditional incubator and provide you with resources to help your company grow in its early stages and refine your MVP.

Those in the participate stream are welcome to join our ongoing programs and workshops throughout the year! Please see our programming page for more information.

For a closer look at those currently in the ideate or validate stage, see our startups page!


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Be the first to hear about new events and opportunities

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Gain access to our collaboration space, as well as our laboratories*

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Connect with the SDZ's community and network of industry experts

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Build skills through programming and workshops

*lab access may come at an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! You are welcome to sign-up for membership if you are not pursuing a startup. You can always participate in our programming and events to learn new skills and gain opportunities. 

No! General membership itself does not cost anything. Alternately, lab access may come at a fee. Contact us at for more information.

No! You can sign-up for our programs and events without being a member. However, membership ensures that we contact you first for new and exclusive opportunities.

No, you don't need to be affiliated with TMU or any academic institution; anybody is welcome to join!