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Title banner that reads: Biomakerspace - collaborative entrepreneurial lab-based projects

The SDZ’s Biomakerspace gives students the chance to explore problems and test out creative ways to solve them, get hands-on experience with real-world issues, and be exposed to different career pathways.

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What to Expect

Students will work in interdisciplinary teams to explore the root causes of real-world problems, develop potential solutions, and explore the feasibility and market potential of those solutions in the lab and with customers.
This program is designed to give students the hands-on experience they need to not only explore an area of interest, but to also prepare them for more realistic scenarios in scientific and business careers. 
Here's what the program looks like for students who are accepted:
Timeframe Objectives
Until end of September  Training: students will meet their teams, learn about important timelines and deliverables, and get introduced to the projects available
September - October Problem Research & Experimental Design: teams will do research on the problem (why does it exist?), complete the training to gain access to the lab spaces (for those with the appropriate level of experience), and plan out their work for the term
October to December Execute Research Plans, Prototyping, and Testing: at this point, each team takes ownership over their own work which includes gathering evidence, determining the validity of your assumptions, and creating prototypes of your solutions

Throughout this process, students will receive access to mentors, experts, and entrepreneurs who can provide insight, feedback, and inspiration; guidance from the SDZ on problem exploration and solution design; and support from your teammates and peers for troubleshooting, advice, and encouragement.

Students with the appropriate level of experience and training will also have access to the SDZ’s biology lab and fabrication space which can be used for running experiments and developing prototypes!

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To support their exploration, the SDZ is providing funds for materials and a stipend of up to $750* to all successful participants of the program! 

*Please review the following eligibility requirements before submitting your application. Students must meet all the following criteria:

• Registered in PSE institutions, full-time or part-time (no age limit); and,

• Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; and,

• Are legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with the relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations

*NOTE: International students with student visas or work visas are not eligible to receive funding. If you identify as this, but want to participate please get in touch with us via email at

What's in it for you?

For Faculty of Science students:

  • gain lab experience that'll prepare you for the future and help you stand out from your peers
  • tackle problems you’re passionate about 
  • build your confidence in the lab by taking control of your experiments
  • refine your lab skills & techniques while learning new things
  • explore your journey as a scientific entrepreneur and potentially create your own company

For Non-Faculty of Science students:

  • expand your thinking and build a new set of technical and non-technical skills
  • get exposure to career pathways that compliment your expertise
  • explore ways to solve problems using science
  • pursue a unique collaborative experience that helps you stand out from your peers 
  • receive support while you explore the innovation ecosystem

Who Should Apply?

You should complete the interest form if you:

  • are a 3rd+ year TMU student in either Biology, Biomedical Sciences, the School of Nutrition, or TRSM
  • are curious, have an open mind, and are willing to change your perspective
  • are determined and willing to try again after you’ve failed or if something doesn't work as you expect it to
  • are open to working with uncertainty
  • are intrigued by entrepreneurship, but are not sure if it’s for you yet 
  • can commit to spending up to 60 hours working on this in the Fall term (4-10 hrs per week with a lighter workload during busier times of the term)

If you don't fit these requirements, but wish to participate, you can complete the interest form and tell us why you would be a good fit for the program

This program isn’t for you, if you:

  • are repelled by, rather than excited by, uncertainty. In your classes, you want to know exactly what to do to get a good grade instead of focusing on learning 
  • know that you are uncomfortable with the idea of not being immediately good at something new
  • are not interested in working collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team and would prefer to lead your own idea
  • are only looking for something to put on your resume
  • are unable to commit to spending 60 hrs this term working in this program