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Work Spaces

This is the SDZ's collaboratory (workspace) which has several people doing desk work and having conversations. There are white walls a grey carpet and large windows to the left of the room.
Collaboration Space

Our general collaboratory is a flexible working space open to all of our members, as well as an event space for our in-house programs.

Housed in the Center for Urban Innovation, our spaces not only foster peer-to-peer interactions, but also provide a safe space for curiosity and exploration.

This is the SDZ's chemistry lab. There are white benchtops and chairs and room has white walls with a blue floor..
Chemistry and Biology Laboratories
This is the laser beam of the SDZ's epilog laser cutter on the laser bed.
Fabrication Space

One of the barriers to innovation is the lack of tangible resources and space to develop and try new things.

With the SDZ's laboratories and fabrication space, members of our community are able to implement the evidence-based method to experiment and prototype, bringing their vision to life.

Available Equipment:

Laser Cutter: Epilog Fusion M2-40

3D Printer: Original Prusa i3 MK3s

Carbide CNC: Nomad 883 Pro 

Virtual Reality System: HTC Vive Samsung HMD Odyssey XE8000ZA

Charges may apply to any or all of the above pieces of equipment. Contact for details.