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SCI888: Evidence-Based Innovation

SCI888: Evidence Based Innovation: Integrating the Scientific Method with Innovation through Idea Shops

This open-credit course is open to undergraduate students from any program at Toronto Metropolitan University, because multidisciplinary collaborations can lead to the extraordinary.

Enrollment for SCI888 will open prior to fall 2023! If you would like to be contacted once enrollment opens, please express your interest below.

Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning

Unlike lecture-based courses, SCI888 uses a hands-on approach that allows students to collaborate to generate ideas around real-world problems.

This course encourages creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking.


SCI888 connects participants to SDZ industry partners, providing students with industry insight and working professionals with the chance to interact with the next generation of talent.

Transferrable Skill Development
Transferrable Skill Development

In today's professional ecosystem, transferable skills make the difference between a good hire and a great hire.

SCI888 focuses on the development of key 21st century skills that help set you up for your next opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The enrollment form for Fall 2023 will be available closer to the course start date. You are not able to enroll the traditional way through the TMU student portal, but completing this form will have you enrolled through the department.

Traditionally, the class is structured to be two blocks of two hours (totaling four hours of class per week), which are primarily used for hands-on teamwork, guest speakers, professional development workshops, and class discussion.

Grading for SCI888 relies on self and peer assessments based on a rubric that will be provided. These grades will then be confirmed by the instructor. 

There are no prerequisites however SCI888 is open only to students in their second academic year or higher.

SCI888 is an open-elective course, although in most cases, students may convert the credit into professionally-related (PR), with approval from their program director. 

[This course cannot be credited as a liberal elective.]

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