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Blogs at Toronto Metropolitan University

WordPress is our blogging platform powered by WordPress Multisite (external link) 

This site is intended to provide Toronto Metropolitan University courses with an alternative to the static website method of content delivery. Blogs can be used to enhance classroom communication and writing skills, as well as give a voice to groups and individuals.

  • Online 'blog' assignments and collaborative writing
  • Open sharing of course content
  • Department blog

Getting Started 

To get started or to learn more about using the WordPress multisite, please visit Request a Blog.

About 

In short, a weblog, or more commonly, a blog, is a frequently updated publication of thoughts and comments in the form of a website. The activity of updating a blog is known as "blogging". A blog site has journal-type entries displayed in reverse chronological order.

Most people use a blog as:

  • A journal or diary, where content is added or updated regularly.
  • A static website, where changes are not made regularly, but can be easily made, without have to knowing the nitty-gritty of website design. A blog typically has a simplistic way of adding (and modifying) content, which makes it ideal for general users and quick updates.

Using Blogs in the Classroom 

Blogging assignments are great for increasing class collaboration and discussion. Students have the opportunity to create posts, as well as provide feedback on others' posts by commenting. Instructors can choose to create one blog with all students in the course as authors, or request a blog for each student in the class.. 

Support 

For Wordpress support, please contact us.