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Migrating from Ryecast to Stream

Backing up Ryecast content

It is a good idea to back up your current Ryecast content so that you have copies in case of technical or server issues.

  1. On your browser, go to the Ryecast channel list.

  2. On the Search for… text input, start typing the channel’s name and click the icon to go to that channel’s home page.

  3. Log in to the Ryecast Admin panel. On the top-right hand side, click Log In then Log In again.

  4. Click Admin on the menu bar.

  5. Click Presentations on the left menu.

  6. Click on the presentation you want to backup.

  7. Scroll down to Transcoding Status to show the download links.

  8. Right click on the Download link and select Save Link As…

  9. Save the file in a directory on your computer.

Finding your migrated videos on Stream Video Platform

Each channel on Ryecast will be assigned an owner. During the migration, the channel’s videos will be uploaded to its designated owner’s media repository. This may be a member of your group or department.

  1. In a browser, go to Stream Video Platform.

  2. Login using RU Single Sign On.

  3. The My Media repository will now be visible. Your Ryecast channel will appear as the top-level folder, and the videos will be organized according to the Ryecast folders within that folder.

  4. Navigate your My Media by double-clicking on folders and the navigation bar.

  5. Under Public Videos, you can find the same folder structure under Library. These are referencing your My Media videos.

Publishing videos to a Public Folder

If you opted to manage your own content by backing up your Ryecast videos, then you need to take the following steps to publish your videos to a public folder.

Replacing Ryecast links in your D2L Course or Organization Shell

  1. In D2L Brightspace, open the rich text editor and remove the Ryecast player by pressing delete on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Insert Stuff button.

  3. Select the Stream Media Chooser.

  4. Once the Stream Media Chooser loads, select the video from your Media Library to embed.

  5. Click on the three dots on the corner of the video thumbnail and check Publish to Course.

  6. Click Insert Content. Verify that the content is embedded properly in the preview.

  7. Click Insert.

  8. Click Save and Close.

Replacing Ryecast links in your external website

  1. On Stream Video Platform, hover your mouse over a video and click More…

  2. Click Links on the left sidebar.

  3. Click the Security Settings button and set the access to Public.

     Note: you can also add more security restrictions here like Password or Authentication Restriction (Login Required).

  4. Click Save and Close the pop up.

  5. Copy the Embed Code by clicking the Copy Embed Code button beside it.

  6. Paste it into your external webpage in place of the Ryecast player.