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Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses

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Cybersecurity fundamentals for business owners

Cybersecurity for small and medium businesses. Discover the practical side of cybersecurity.  Identify the threats that put your business at risk and how to practically defend against those threats.

Simply Secure - A Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst Initiative

We provide a wide array of information and education specifically designed for small and medium businesses. Through our dedicated microsite ‘’, we share the best practices and key insights to help protect your business against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity and your business


Urgent Need

There is an urgent need for trained cybersecurity professionals worldwide. Canada alone has a 7% annual growth rate in labour demand

Rapid Growth

The global cybersecurity industry is expected to reach 6 Trillion USD by 2021. Between 2012 and 2016, Canada had the fourth most cybersecurity venture capital deals in the world.

Global Challenge

Cybersecurity is an important global challenge of our time. Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is the ideal collaborative hub to bring together efforts to build best practices and find new solutions.

Threats and Solutions

Cybersecurity threats imperil social and economic stability. The Catalyst builds on Ryerson’s tradition of putting researchers and industry leaders together to solve global challenges.

Engage with us

For more information on Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Business, please contact:

Sumit Bhatia
Director, Innovation and Policy
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