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Tuition and Fees by Program

Please note: On November 21, 2019 the Ontario Divisional Court made the decision to suspend the opt-out process. As a result, students will be assessed both optional and compulsory ancillary fees effective winter 2020. For additional information please review Ryerson Today.

Navigating Your Tuition and Fees

  • Total fees for each program and academic level include charges for tuition, athletics, faculty-based student society fees, RSU - Ryerson Students' Union, RSU health and dental plans, and other related fees.
  • Departmental Ancillary Fees are extra fees that are charged to your tuition. Typically, they fund learning materials, specialty supplies, field trips, co-ops and internships.
  • Fees are assessed upon the total number of fee units per term and based on actual course enrolments or course intention data.
  • Students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program are considered full-time when enrolled in a minimum of 4.0 fee units each term. 
  • Full-time and part-time program students are required to pay their current term fees by the start of their classes.
  • Fee payments are first applied to any outstanding debts, and any balance remaining is applied to the most recent debt.
  • Students are academically and financially responsible for all enrolled courses and fees incurred.
  • Fees are approved by Ryerson University’s Board of Governors annually and are updated on the Student Fees website each summer, preceding the upcoming Fall term. Normally, tuition fees increase 3-5% annually.