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Jeremy Schtern

Dr. Jeremy Shtern

Interim Chair of Creative Industries, Professor
DepartmentCreative Industries
EducationPh.D, M.Sc, BA (Hons), Certificate
Memberships/ServicesFull member of TMU's Yeates School of Graduate Studies and thereby authorized to evaluate and supervise graduate student projects and theses.
Phone416-979-5000 ex. 553301

Biographical Statement

Dr. Jeremy Shtern (pronouns he/him) is Professor in the School of Creative Industries at Toronto Metropolitan University and the Graduate Program Director of the Joint York/TMU Graduate Program in Communication and Culture (ComCult).

Education Degree
Communication, Université de Montréal (Montréal, CA) Ph.D
New Media, Information & Society, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (London, UK) M.Sc
Film Studies, Queen’s University (Kingston, CA) BA (Hons)
Proficiency in Spanish, TMU: The Chang School (Toronto, CA) Certificate
Courses Taught
CRI 200 IP Issues in the Digital Age
CC 8849 Special Topics in Politics and Policy: Social Media Advertising
CC 8902 Research Methods Workshop
CC 9906 Ph.D Field Seminar Disciplinary Practices
Working Languages
Français (French)

Dr. Shtern joined the TMU faculty from the University of Ottawa in 2013, as the first full time faculty member hired in the School of Creative Industries. Among other contributions, he is co-author of two books: Media Divides: Communication Rights and the Right to Communicate in Canada, external link, opens in new window, and Digital Solidarities: Communication Policy and Multi-stakeholder Global Governance The Legacy of the World Summit on the Information Society, external link, opens in new window. He is also author or co-author on a dozen journal articles and book chapters and has made more than 30 paper presentations at scholarly conferences. Dr. Shtern's list of invited guest lectures includes visits to the Yale Law School’s Information Society Project, and a Keynote at a 2014 International Conference hosted by the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance, at JMI in New Delhi, India.  Professor Shtern is an innovative and entrepreneurial researcher whose research adds value to TMU and provides opportunities for its students. Since completing his SSHRC, external link, opens in new window and FRQSC, external link, opens in new window funded PhD and post-docs, Dr. Shtern’s research program has been supported with more than $250,000 in external research funding.

Dr. Shtern founded and directs the Global Communication Governance Research Lab at TMU. Among other academic leadership service appointments, he is vice-chair of the Communication Policy and Technology section of the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and previously served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Communications Association (CCA), external link, opens in new window. Jeremy has served on review juries for SSHRC, FRQSC, the Open Society Foundation and the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and has peer-reviewed for leading journals and publishers. He teaches undergraduate courses in the Ryerson School of Creative Industries and regularly teaches and supervises in the York/TMU Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture, opens in new window.

Communication policy

Globalization & communication

Digital technologies

Creative labour

Internet governance

Communication rights

Internet and digital platform governance

Political economy of media

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