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COVID-19 cases confirmed on campus; additional monitoring ongoing

April 01, 2021

On March 31, Ryerson University was advised that Toronto Public Health (TPH) is monitoring a “suspected outbreak” in the Pitman Residence. TPH has also requested Ryerson provide additional support monitoring the Daphne Cockwell Complex residence and the International Living/Learning Centre (ILC).

Confirmed COVID-19 cases identified in contract employees 

Ryerson University has been advised that:

  • An external contractor who was last on campus March 22 working in the Pitman Residence has tested positive for COVID-19.
    • Two additional employees from the same company have been identified as close contacts. 
  • An external contractor who was last on campus on March 25 and working in the Pitman Residence, Daphne Cockwell Complex residence and the International Living/Learning Centre (ILC) has also tested positive for COVID-19. 

No additional risk identified to Ryerson community members; ongoing monitoring required

An investigation of the cases and an assessment of the possible exposure risk was conducted by Ryerson’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team and close contacts were notified. Per protocol, TPH was also notified.

TPH also conducted an investigation, and designated this as a suspected outbreak among the external contractors who work on campus, and provided additional directives on notifying Ryerson community members living/working in impacted spaces.

Students and employees living/working in the impacted spaces have been notified. Students seeking support are encouraged to contact Housing and Residence Life at 1-888-960-1191. This hotline is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note that at this time, TPH has not advised the university of any additional risk to members of our community associated with these cases. Additionally, safety protocols in place between external contractors and Ryerson students and staff were followed at all times.

TPH has advised that additional monitoring at Pitman, DCC and ILC will continue until the end of day April 8.

Ryerson has taken necessary precautions 

Ryerson has also taken the necessary precautions to ensure additional cleaning and disinfection has been completed in the areas last known to have been potentially affected by the individual. 

Please continue to follow protocol and self-monitor daily for symptoms 

As always, community members are advised to continue to self-monitor daily for symptoms and we encourage you to review TPH guidelines for individuals who may have COVID-19 symptoms or been exposed to a positive case, external link in the event that you develop any symptoms.

We continue to advise our community members to follow Ryerson’s daily health screening protocols for students and employees and public health guidelines on proper infection prevention and control practices.

As a reminder, in deciding whether or not to communicate a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case on campus, Ryerson University considers

  • confirmed risk to the health and safety of the Ryerson community
  • the direction of local public health agencies

For more information, visit Ryerson University's information on Responding to Cases on Campus.

We want to thank our community for its ongoing commitment to following COVID-19 protocol and assisting in keeping yourself and our broader community safe during this challenging time.