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Leaders update: Return to Campus resources and new mask requirements on campus

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July 16, 2020

As indicated in our previous update, Human Resources and Facilities Management and Development are now sharing information designed to support leaders in the preparation of their workplace and workforce for an eventual and gradual return to campus. At this time, the university is not planning for a broad return to campus, and remote work will continue until at least September.

Return to Campus resources

The university continues to assess the current guidelines from public health and the government and will err on the side of caution in determining plans for expanding work on campus. While we do anticipate that remote work will be extended into the fall, a further update will be provided closer to September.

In the interim, HR and FMD have prepared resources for working on campus that can be used:

  • To continue to support essential workers who have continued to work on campus through COVID-19. 
  • In cases where campus access is required to support the preparation of the Fall semester, and the necessity of a return to campus has been approved by your leader.  
  • To help leaders begin to prepare for a future gradual reopening.

As you review this material to determine who needs to return to work, please keep in mind:

  • remote work continues to be the preferred option to minimize risk;
  • physical distancing is required when on campus;
  • mask or face covering must be worn by an individual while indoors at Ryerson.

As you review the material, please keep in mind that any return to campus will be gradual and phased, prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our community first.

Masks required to be worn on campus in enclosed spaces

In keeping with current public health recommendations and in support of the City of Toronto‚Äôs mask bylaw (external link) , Ryerson University will be implementing a Face Mask Policy. The policy outlines that:

  • A Mask or Face Covering must be worn in enclosed spaces where the public is permitted entry. 
  • A Mask or Face Covering must be worn in all other enclosed spaces unless designated or prescribed by the university.

The following individuals are exempt from the Mask or Face Covering requirement: 

  • children under two years of age; 
  • persons with an underlying medical condition which inhibits their ability to wear a Mask or Face Covering; 
  • persons who are unable to place or remove a Mask or Face Covering without assistance; and 
  • persons who are reasonably accommodated by not wearing a Mask or Face Covering in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Proof of exemption for any of these circumstances will not be required.

Additionally, a Mask or Face Covering is not required if you are within an area designated for you by the university, and not for public access, or if you are within or behind a physical barrier. You may also temporarily remove a Mask or Face Covering where necessary for the purpose of receiving services, or while actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity.

Cloth masks will be distributed to staff and faculty working on campus, and a procedure will be outlined in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you are on campus and require the use of a disposable mask, please visit the FMD Help Desk.

For more information, please visit the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) information online.

What you need to do

Leaders play an important role in developing their return to campus strategies for their areas and ensuring the health and wellness of their employees. On the new site, you will find key actions and guidance for decision-making:

Visit the Planning for a Gradual Return to Campus site

While leaders will need to communicate individual departmental plans with their employees, this site will be shared with employees next week.

Register for a panel to learn more

As you begin to review the material, HR and FMD have scheduled panel discussions to answer your questions and help you plan for a gradual return to campus. Register for a panel to ask questions about what Ryerson is doing to prepare, what you will need to do as a leader and how to prepare your employees.


Please review the material carefully and consult with your human resources partner or contact the Facilities Help Desk at or 416-979-5091 if you have any questions.