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Physical Distancing

Although physical distancing is no longer required, it is encouraged wherever possible.  When implementing physical distancing strategies in your workspace, please keep in mind the following best practices for employee seating and circulation within the office areas.

Wherever feasible, physical distancing of 2 metres is recommended in all spaces.

Workstation locations

  • Occupied workstations should ideally be two metres (2m — approximately 6 1/2 feet) away from other staff in all directions. 
  • Where possible, staff seating arrangements should have workstations that position staff so they are facing away from each other. 
  • Workstations put into use should be away from high-traffic areas (internal corridors, entryways, lunchrooms, washrooms) where people would be passing within less than 2 metres of a seated worker.
  • Clean any shared workspace before and after use.
  • Where applicable, remove seating or add signage to desks that are to remain unoccupied to clearly identify which workstations are available for staff use.

Common spaces

  • Where possible, create an approach to shared areas (lunchrooms, print areas, washrooms) that limits the occasions of close contact such as one-way systems, staggered scheduling for use and maximum-capacity restrictions.
  • Virtual or hybrid meetings continue to be encouraged.  

Private offices

  • Post signage identifying the maximum capacity of private offices to limit the number of people who may enter the space.
  • It is encouraged  that faculty members hold office hours online and that staff continue to meet virtually where possible.