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D2L Brightspace changes during mid-year break

TMU's learning management system, D2L Brightspace, will undergo some changes to transition to the new university name between December 26 and January 6. CCS has chosen to schedule the changes to Brightspace for this time as there is a defined break in-between terms, and we anticipate lower usage during this period. 

During this time, the D2L Brightspace address will change from to, and we will also be updating user accounts within D2L to reflect new email addresses.

January 12 update:

Nearly all third-party applications are available for use with Brightspace. Please see the list of currently available applications on the list at the bottom of this page

December 29 update:

TMU email addresses have now been updated in D2L Brightspace, which now resides at its new address. Instructors may request their Winter 2023 shells - but note that most of the third-party applications will not be available until next week

Elements of Brightspace may not be available at different times during the mid-year winter break. 

Continue to access Brightspace through the portal.

 Update your shell after the changes to Brightspace

We recommend that you review your shells carefully after the change has been completed and make any required updates. This may include fixing broken links, re-adding third party tools and re-adding Turnitin to your assignments.

Third-party tools are websites and applications that are not created by D2L, but can connect to or are accessed from within a Brightspace shell. You will not be able to enable these tools in your Winter 2023 shells until the changes are complete.

The steps to ensure that your third party tools are enabled or updated will vary based on the tool; please see the Impact on third-party tools connected to D2L Brightspace resource below to learn what to expect based on each tool.

Adding third-party tools to your course shell 

If you are planning on using these tools in your Winter 2023 course shell, please wait until the changes are made to add them, as existing links are likely to break. Depending on the tool, you may need to complete additional steps independently to ensure your access to the tool is updated. Before opening them to student use, be sure to test the new link(s) by launching the tool from your course.

Re-linking third-party tools in your course shell

If you have copied a course shell from a previous term which contained links to third party tools, they may appear as broken links. If this is the case, after the tool has been re-enabled, you can re-create the link. 

If you are teaching in a two-term course shell (Fall 2022 - Winter 2023) that used third-party tools in the Fall term, please re-add the links in the winter term, and make any tool-specific changes identified below.

 Impact on third-party tools connected to D2L Brightspace

Third-party tools are websites and applications that are not created by D2L, but can connect to or are accessed from within a Brightspace shell. You will not be able to enable these tools in your Winter 2023 shells until the changes are complete.

In most cases, CCS has been able to work with the third-party tool vendors to ensure there is minimal impact on your use of the tool. There are some tools, however, that will require you to take additional steps in order to regain access to your past work or update your email address.

This information will be updated as the changes to each application are completed.

Application Details Expected availability for W2023 courses email addresses TMU's primary email addresses have now been updated to
While emails to addresses will be delivered to the new email addresses, we recommend updating all references to the old addresses in your Brightspace shells.
Available Now
Akindi You are able to access Akindi online through Brightspace as of January 3, in order to begin setup of assessments. Please wait to submit requests to DPS for scanning or printing until Tuesday, January 10. Available Now
Library e-Resources (Digital Course Readings) The Digital Course Reading Service is now available, now that users' email addresses have been updated. Available Now became during Fall 2022. There is a temporary redirect in place, so please be sure to update your links to reflect the new address. Available now
Brightspace Pulse (mobile app) After December 28, users will need to use the new university name when logging into Pulse. Available Now
Cengage (Mindtap/WebAssign) Cengage applications are now available in Brightspace by request. Available by request
Crowdmark Crowdmark is now available for use in Brightspace. All past work can be accessed from your account in (external link) . Available Now
Google Workspace Most of the links to your work in Google Drive do not contain "ryerson" in the address. These will not need to be updated. If any of your links do contain "ryerson", you may need to update them. Available Now
iClicker iClicker is now available for use in Brightspace. Users must now login to their iClicker accounts using their email addresses. iClicker grades transferred to Brightspace in previous terms will remain intact. If you connected iClicker to your shell prior to January 11, you will need to re-connect it. Available Now
McGraw-Hill Your access to previous coursework will not be interrupted by the changes. If your McGraw-Hill Connect account uses your old email address, we recommend that you update it to The McGraw-Hill team will be happy to assist you in updating your profile. Available now
Panopto The Panopto integration with Brightspace will not be available for Winter 2023. Please contact the helpdesk for assistance accessing Panopto outside of Brightspace. Not available for new use
Pearson IInstructors and students may now update the email address associated with their Pearson account (external link)  with your new TMU address. Please contact your Pearson representative about changing your username.

If you are no longer able to access previous work after the changes in Brightspace, you will still be able to access it directly from the Pearson website (external link) .
Available now
peerScholar Peer Scholar is now available in Brightspace. Your email address will automatically be updated to the next time you access peerScholar through D2L Brightspace. You will not lose access to your previous work.. Available Now
Perusall Perusall will be available for use in Brightspace after January 13, 2023. Please do not plan to use it for the first week of classes. January 13
Poll Everywhere Your email address was updated to on January 3, 2023. You should still be able to access your past activities.
Available Now
Respondus 4.0 Respondus 4.0 is now available for use with Brightspace. Please see the CCS website for the latest installation instructions. Available Now
Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor If you used Respondus Monitor to virtually proctor your exams, please review any outstanding flags before December 23. Once the changes have been made, it may not be possible to review the student videos. Available Now
Ryecast If your courses contain videos that are hosted in the Ryecast system, they will continue to work after the updates to Brightspace. Ryecast has been replaced by the new "Stream" system and will be shut down in May, 2023. We recommend that you transition to Stream (powered by YuJa) as soon as possible. Not available for new use. Websites Links to pages and subsites on the old "" website will need to be updated to "", although there is a redirect in place to temporarily transfer visitors to the new address. N/A
Stream / YuJa If your shell contains linked or embedded videos from Stream, they should continue to work as expected. Available by request

Turnitin is now available for Winter 2023 courses. You should continue to be able to access originality reports for Fall 2022 assignments..

Please note that we only provide support for Turnitin access through D2L Brightspace. Logging in directly to is not supported at TMU.

Available Now
WileyPlus WileyPlus is now available for use in Brightspace. If a second WileyPlus account is created for you, you can submit a request to their support team to merge your old account into your new account. Login to to update your email address. Available Now
Zoom Users will login at (external link)  after the changes. Zoom meeting links created prior to the changes likely include "ryerson" in the address and will redirect without needing to make any changes. If you have any meetings that you will continue to use beyond the Winter 2023 term, we recommend that you update the links in your courses. Available now