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LinkedIn Learning tutorials embedded in your Brightspace shell

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning (previously known as is a premier online learning company that produces high-quality video tutorials led by industry experts on a range of topics. Use these tutorials to update and expand your technology, creative and business skills. You can take entire tutorials or choose individual sections to learn specific skills.

What are the benefits to using LinkedIn Learning in your course?

  • Integrated with D2L Brightspace to provide seamless access
  • Available for all Toronto Metropolitan University students, instructors and staff
  • Link to collections of tutorials created and curated by industry professionals - or make your own course-specific collection
  • Certificates of completion of LinkedIn Learning courses can be shared to your LinkedIn account becomes LinkedIn Learning

You cannot track students' completion progress for LinkedIn Learning activities.

Add this to your shell

To add a LinkedIn Learning resource to your D2L Brightspace shell, you will need:

  • the URL (web address) of the LinkedIn Learning video or course you want to reference in your course shell
  • a content module in the D2L Brightspace Content tool in your course shell

You may choose to add a different LinkedIn Learning video to each weekly module of your course shell - it's up to you how to organize it!

  1. Login to D2L Brightspace, enter your course shell, and go to the Content tool.
  2. If you already have a module in which you would like to share the audio/video link, go into that module. If not, create a new module.
  3. Click the "Upload / Create" button, then "Create a link".
  4. Give the new link a title, then paste the address of your resource into the "URL" field.
  5. Check the box "Open as External Resource", if applicable.
  6. Click the "Create" button.