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Exams: Prepare to deliver In Person Exams using Brightspace

Prepare to deliver in-person exams using D2L Brightspace

Using tools within or integrated with D2L Brightspace, you can administer a variety of assessments. Depending on the needs of your course this could be digital, on paper, or a hybrid approach. 

On this page you will find a collection of resources to follow along with when designing and setting up your in-person exams facilitated using digital tools. 

Are you planning a different style of exam? 

Learn about delivering other types of exams using D2L Brightspace:

 Select the exam type

The Akindi test response system has replaced the university’s previous Scantron test response system for paper-based multiple choice tests. 

With similar functional features to Scantron, Akindi maintains the existing option to work with Duplicating & Printing Services, located at 105 Bond Street, to facilitate bubble sheet print and scan tasks for your tests and exams.

Some instructors have expressed interest in converting their existing Brightspace Quizzes into Akindi Paper-Based assessments. Although there is no direct method of conversion, please see our  (google doc) Brightspace Quiz to Akindi On-Paper Workaround (external link)  for steps you can follow to execute this process. 

Brightspace's Quizzes are designed to be interactive and digital, and as a result can be difficult to print. If you would like to use questions from an existing Brightspace quiz in an on-paper assessment, a workaround can be to preview the quiz, then copy/paste the questions into a word processor.

Note that this process is not perfect; the text will need to be reformatted, and it is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that no indication of the correct selection was copied. 

Respondus LockDown Browser is a tool that can be used to enhance academic integrity while completing an in person exam administered through Brightspace Quizzes. LockDown Browser must be installed on the computer used to complete the exam.

The use of Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is intended for tests which are being proctored, such as in a lab or classroom. If the students are taking the online test in their own spaces (unproctored), the Respondus LDB does not help in ensuring academic integrity, since unlike in a proctored lab/classroom, students can use other devices to aid them during the test.

If an instructor plans to hold an online exam, they need to switch to a remote exam, as campus facilities, including the Test Centre, large venues and most classrooms do not have the infrastructure to support online exams in person on personal devices, such as laptops or phones.

 Modifying the Format of a Makeup Exam

Changing the method of delivery

If your exam was designed to be administered in person but needs to be modified to to support remote assessment for the makeup, a few approaches can be considered. The method of online assessment will vary depending on the style of your in-person assessment.