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Migration Working Group: Year-end Symposium

June 18, 2024
8:30 AM EDT - 5:15 PM EDT
Hybrid (In person at CERC Migration office / online via Zoom)
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The Migration Working Group is a series of monthly sessions to discuss innovative research being done on migration and integration by emerging and established scholars. The series gives researchers an opportunity to present their ongoing projects, learn about each other’s work and share feedback. This year-end symposium of CERC-supported graduate student scholars’ work is co-convened by Melissa Kelly, CERC Migration Senior Research Associate and Mentorship Program Lead, and Anna Triandafyllidou, Chair CERC Migration.

CERC Migration offers a limited number of stipends to full-time Master's and PhD students who study at Toronto Metropolitan University on a migration and/or migrant integration-related topic. Student recipients of the CERC Migration Graduate Student Stipend are given a working space at the CERC Migration office, participate in CERC Migration’s research training activities and workshops, and are integrated into a vibrant research team of scholars and graduate students, enjoying a comprehensive scientific and professional development experience.

8:30 - 9:00 AM EDT

Refreshments and Symposium Welcome (In Person Only; Online attendance begins at 9 AM EDT via Zoom)

Panel 1: Critical reflections on Canadian immigration and integration policies

9:00 AM - 10:45 AM EDT 

Chair: Dike Ike

Online Co-chair: Rica Agnes Castaneda

Discussants: Rupa Banerjee and John Shields

Green line

 Quantitative analysis of the Canadian economic migration programs: Charting a path forward for Canada’s settlement strategy

 Chika Agbo

Blue line

 Reversing the tide: Innovative migration policies and their role in the socioeconomic growth of rural Canadian communities

 Jodi-Ann Francis-Walker

Purple line

 Towards a theory of seamless migrant entrepreneurship: A multi-case study approach

 Bradley Bernard 

Panel 2: The role of institutions in migration and integration governance

11:00 AM - 12:45 PM EDT

Chair: Chika Agbo

Online Co-chair: Georgiana Mathurin

Discussant: Irina Isaakyan and Richa Shivakoti

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 Addressing the governance gap for climate-induced displacement through institutionalism

 Irmak Kurtulmus

Green line

 An institutional ethnography approach to the study of transnational governance

 Nick Dreher

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 The role of community land trusts in protecting immigrant business from gentrification: Case studies of Toronto

 Nicole Gordon

Panel 3: Migration and integration in transnational perspective

1:30 - 3:15 PM EDT

Chair: Irmak Kurtulmus

Online Co-chair: Bradley Bernard

Discussant: Mehrunissa Ali and Amin Moghadam

Purple line

 Between two shores: Export strategies and financial performance of Canada’s 1.5-generation immigrant entrepreneurs

 Yu Wei Ye

Pink line

 What drives green entrepreneurship among returnees? A case study of Nigeria

 Dike Ike

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 Decisions, decisions: Migration decision making among international students coming to Canada

 Rica Agnes Castaneda

Panel 4: The lived experiences of migrants and their descendants in Canada

3:30 - 5:15 PM EDT

Chair: Nick Dreher

Online Co-chair: Yu Wei Ye

Discussant: Usha George and Zhixi Zhuang

Blue line

 African and Caribbean Black women with precarious migration status: Canada the welcoming and multicultural country?

 Georgiana Mathurin

Purple line

 Intersecting migration and artistic labour: Applications of the aspirations-capabilities framework to newcomer cultural workers in Toronto

 Luísa Cruz

Pink line

 Hacer Hogar (Making Home): Placemaking through arts-based practices and documentary media

 Pablo Rincón Diaz

Green line

 Family History and its Impacts: Exploring the Narratives of Third Generation Holocaust Descendants in Toronto

 Noah Draper