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EL Hub

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Do you currently offer EL, or are you considering incorporating an EL opportunity into your curriculum? Our office works diligently to serve as a place for idea creation, knowledge exchange and vision building. We are also responsible for the functional oversight of EL in compliance with the university's Senate Policy 169: Experiential Learning. 

Should you have any questions on what is listed below or if you require any additional support, send us an email at (opens in new window) .

Live Actor Simulation (LAS@R)

A leader in EL, LAS@R works closely with clients to build and deliver live, performance-based simulations that target specific learning objectives, enhance professional development and support a variety of performance assessment models.

Community of Practice (CoP)

The EL Hub hosts CoP gatherings as an opportunity to hear the latest updates on EL, ask and answer questions, and work towards a shared vision.

 (google form) EL Hub Resource Portal (external link, opens in new window) 

Bookmark the EL Hub Resource Portal (external link, opens in new window)  to get quick access to internal EL updates, including past reports on our CoP and implementing best practices and strategies for your EL activities.  

Note: This resource is for internal employees only.

EL Approaches at Toronto Metropolitan

This resource introduces the various ways the university integrates EL into the curriculum and helps determine what type of EL you'd like to curate.

Understanding Experiential Learning

Get to know the foundations of EL to support your learning goals and integrate EL into practice.

Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle

A primary theory behind EL,  psychologist David Kolb's EL Theory and EL Cycle is a mechanism used to differentiate between EL activities and other forms of learning.

MCU Guiding Principles for Experiential Learning

MCU provides guiding principles to reinforce the commitment to providing all students with EL opportunities.

Senate Policy 169 (opens in new window) 

Review the university's Senate Policy 169 Experiential Learning. This policy includes vital information and procedures for EL on and off-campus.