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Use RU-VPN2 when accessing Ryerson's online administrative systems such as RUFIS or CFAPS from off campus or through a wireless connection. To use RU-VPN2 you need to download and install RU-VPN2 on your computer and obtain an RU-VPN2 login ID and password from the CCS Helpdesk.

RU-VPN2 uses a digital “certificate” that is installed on your computer and is accessed using an RU-VPN2 login ID and password. RU-VPN2 provides a secure connection and protects your data transmissions against "sniffing" (or digital eavesdropping) by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is a “secure tunnel” through which all communication between the user's PC and Ryerson pass. All data transmissions are “encrypted” so that they cannot be read while travelling across the Internet.

Employees can request an RU-VPN2 ID by visiting go to Self Service > Personal Account > Security to request or manage your VPN access, then download and install the software from the Software Download section.

RU-VPN2 Overseas Profile

For those in overseas countries that need all internet services like Google, where such access may be blocked, an overseas profile is available.  Through Ryerson's secure private network, users need to login to RU-VPN2 and connect to the profile.