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Wireless Configuration Instructions Mac OSX

These instructions will configure your wireless connection to the RU-Secure wireless network. It will allow you to authenticate and browse using a higher level of security and protection.  

Configure Wireless Connection

Click on AirPort to see a list of available networks. Click RU-Secure network to connect.

When prompted for credentials, please enter your my.ryerson username and password - please note that your student number is not a valid username on the wireless. Click OK.

From the Verify Certificate window, ensure that the certificate is for the RU-Secure network and that it is authenticating to Click Continue.

If you are prompted to enter your administrative password, enter it and click OK, to apply the certificate.

You will now be connected to the RU-Secure wireless network. Your credentials are now cached and you will automatically be authenticated when you are within range of the wireless signal.

NOTE: For security reasons, we recommend that you do NOT cache your credentials. This is especially important for laptops that will have multiple users.

Please follow the remaining steps to disable this feature.

Disable Cached Credentials

Click on AirPort and then click Open Network Preferences

From the Network preferences window, click Advanced

From the Advanced Network window, click the 802.1x tab. For Users Profiles, click RU-Secure.

Selecting RU-Secure displays your username and password on the right side of the screen. Make sure the Always prompt for password box is CHECKED.

You will be connected to the wireless network and your credentials are no longer cached. You will be prompted each time you wish to log onto the wireless network.