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On-Campus Recruitment

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The Toronto Met Career & Co-op Centre offers a faculty-based model of operation to help your organization target the best and brightest that Toronto Metropolitan University has to offer. We offer a wide range of events and programs to help you achieve your hiring goals and raise your brand profile.

As every employer has unique needs, we encourage you to contact our office to discuss how we can individualize any of the opportunities listed below for your company or co-create brand new ideas with you.

Email us at

Case competitions run throughout the academic year and are a great way to evaluate the problem solving, teamwork, and presentation skills of pre-qualified Toronto Met students. Employers are engaged to act as judges and encouraged to utilize the event to network and recruit students.

Mentoring is an excellent way to learn as well as give back, share your experience, and guide students on their career journeys. The Toronto Met Tri-Mentoring Career Mentoring Program will help you make a connection with a current Toronto Met student.

A Career Mentor is:

  • A guide and adviser to a third/fourth or final year student (Career Mentee), providing insight into a particular industry sector or type of profession.
  • Provides constructive criticism and encouragement to their mentee as they progress towards their goals.
  • Culturally sensitive and possesses strong interpersonal skills.

For more information, please visit the Career Mentoring Program.

This is for any organization – not-for-profits, small & medium enterprises, large corporations, and public sector organizations – who want to host experiential learning (EL) opportunities for students at Toronto Metropolitan University. 

EL provides students with hands-on learning experiences that contribute to their personal and career development, and these opportunities come in a diverse and broad array of formats and structures like:

  • internships
  • co-op and work placements
  • practicums
  • hackathons
  • project-based learning
  • community-driven research.

Your organization can benefit when you partner with Toronto Metropolitan University on EL projects and placements. Our students can provide you with fresh perspectives on challenges, new and creative ideas, a more diverse mindset, up-to-date knowledge and skills, and a talent pipeline for the future.

To learn more about the types of EL, definitions, and additional resources, visit the CEWIL Canada website, external link.

For more information and guidance on how you can host Toronto Met students for an EL experience with your organization, please contact our Employer Engagement Team, external link.

We look forward to working with you.

Reach a targeted group of students on-campus, present in-depth information about your organization’s career opportunities, application methods and culture, and talk to students about an aspect of the recruitment process specific to your industry.   

Student registration is tracked and we work with each individual employer to rigorously promote your event.

If you want to interview Toronto Met students and new grads, we can help*. For employers that have posted jobs via Toronto Met’s online jobs portal, Magnet, interviews can be arranged at no additional cost.  

NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facilitating virtual interviews. In fact, we offer the option of virtual interviews at all times.

The university continues to monitor the Provincial government’s reopening framework and is in regular contact with all levels of government. Once approved, we can schedule on-campus interviews again. 

*Interview rooms can be provided (space permitting) Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m on Fridays.

Networking events are organized for specific groups of students and/or alumni and can be degree, program or faculty specific.

Looking to share your expertise or speak to a targeted student group about a topic relevant to career development?

Past employer sessions have included these topics, but we are open to hearing your creative ideas:

  • accessing the hidden job market
  • self-marketing and your brand as a job seeker
  • industry-specific topics.

Date: August 2015

Revised: August 2020

Author: Toronto Met Career & Co-op Centre The following policy applies to third-party recruiters and temp agencies that wish to register for career fairs, employer information sessions and industry connect sessions run by Toronto Met’s Career & Co-op Centre.

Career Fairs

Toronto Met’s Career & Co-op Centre hosts multiple career fairs throughout any given academic year.

Third-party recruiters may attend a career fair under their own corporate identity only if they are recruiting for their own organization. No other client opportunities may be advertised at the fair, however, a third-party organization may also attend a fair if they are representing one client (multiple not permitted). In this instance, the registration, booth and guidebook submission must represent the client name, not the recruiting agency's name.

No agency acting as an employer with temporary employment opportunities will be eligible to participate in the STEM Career Fair or the Graduating & Alumni Career Fair, which provide students with long-term career opportunities. At the Part-Time Jobs Fair and the Summer Work Experience Career Fair, participation will be limited to five temp agencies on a first-come, first-served basis.

Career fair registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Information/Industry Connect Sessions

With regards to employer information sessions or industry connect sessions and third-party recruiters, we apply the same practices as we do for posting jobs from agencies, which follow below.

  1. Third-party recruiters are agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting candidates for employment opportunities other than for their own needs and/or bond employees to a termed contract. This does not include those who are hired on a retainer basis by an employer organization. The Career and Co-op Centre neither endorses nor investigates any third-party recruiters. While it is recognized that third-party recruiters may represent many good positions for which Toronto Metropolitan University students and graduates may qualify, the following guidelines have been established to best meet the needs of students, employers, and the Career and Co-op Centre.
  2. No collected applications will be forwarded electronically to third-party recruiters by the Career and Co-op Centre as per the Ethical Recruitment bylaws shared by CACEE, external link (Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers) of which Toronto Metropolitan University is a member. The normal procedure will be to post on Toronto Metropolitan University’s job board, Magnet, and/or contact candidates with the information relating to the position and it will be the potential candidate’s responsibility to apply for the position, if interested.
  3. Third-party recruiters will be asked to identify their employer clients in order for the Career and Co-op Centre to ensure the vacancy has not already been listed in Magnet. This information will be held in strict confidence and not released to candidates unless authorized by the third-party recruiter. Should the third-party recruiter be unable or unwilling to provide the name of the employer client or should the vacancy be already listed in Magnet, the position will not be accepted for posting.
  4. The Career and Co-op Centre reserves the right to verify information pertaining to the listing directly with the employer. Normally this will only be done in instances where the Career and Co-op Centre has dealt with the employer directly within the past two years. No contact will be made directly with the employer without the third-party recruiter’s knowledge. Should the third-party recruiter object to this procedure, the position will not be accepted for posting.
  5. The University reserves the right to limit or restrict an employer partnership based on:
    1. institutional priorities
    2. financial considerations
    3. violation of this policy or other University policies
    4. contractual agreements or
    5. provincial or federal laws.

2000+ students attended a career fair in 2019/20

45,000 students attend Toronto Met

There are 125+ research institutes and labs at Toronto Met

90+ student groups & clubs are active Toronto Met

“The RCCC team has expressed the tremendous value of being able to connect with such a diverse, talented group of people who possess the skills and knowledge we look for in filling specific positions, while also bringing new voices and perspectives to the industry.”

Dean Delpeache, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition, Fiix Software

“Toronto Met students may come from different Faculties and have unique career goals, though they all consistently prove to be incredibly talented and quick learners.”

Natashia Raponi, Campus Recruitment Program Coordinator, Ceridian

“The events that Toronto Met hosts to introduce students to the industry have been next level in terms of engagement, organization and support, even while we work remotely through online webinars and mock interview sessions.”

Kim Hogendoorn, Director of Global Recruitment at SOTI