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Post a Job

If you want to post a job to reach the Toronto Met student and alumni audience, we are here to help. Whether the job is part-time, an internship, a short-term contract, a co-op job, or a full-time, new grad position, our job boards are open for you to use. 

If you need to post a co-op job, we use the Orbis platform. Magnet is Toronto Met’s job board for all types of positions. You can learn more about both job boards below.

To recruit our co-op students, jobs for co-op credit must be:

  • paid work
  • full time hours (35 - 40 hrs/week)
  • at least 12 consecutive weeks (16 weeks is the norm)
  • related to a student’s area of study.

You can recruit our Co-op students in one of two ways:

Online: Proceed to create an account on our Co-op Portal.

By Email: Send us your job description in a Word document to Please include information on the term that you are hiring for (Fall, Winter or Summer) and the duration of employment (4, 8, 12 or 16 months).

If you have posted a job with us previously, we likely have it on file. Contact to ask for the version we have on file. 

If you have a job for a co-op student studying one of the programs in the Ted Rogers School of Management, please contact the staff in the Business Career Hub at

If you have an internship for a student studying an engineering program other than chemical engineering, please contact the staff in the Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science’s co-operative internship program at

Magnet is a social innovation platform, founded at Toronto Metropolitan University. Magnet is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and removing barriers to employment by supporting bias-free recruitment strategies. Magnet's mission is to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada by advancing careers, businesses and communities. Use Magnet to post your jobs and find the best candidates for your recruitment needs.

As an employer, Magnet engages you to: 

  • quickly create targeted career postings
  • learn about available candidates matching your needs
  • find and send targeted communications to candidates.

Step 1: Navigate to the landing page you were provided.

Step 2: Create your account.

  • Click on the Create an Account button at the bottom of the login panel.
  • A drop-down menu will appear asking you which type of account you want to create. Click on Employer. 

Step 3: Fill out the Employer Sign Up Form.

  • Fill out your organization’s details. 
  • When given the choice between Employer or Recruiter, select Employer if you are only hiring for your own company and select Recruiter if you are hiring on behalf of other companies.

For more detailed information about how to activate your Magnet profile and post jobs on Magnet, visit Magnet’s Knowledge Hub, external link .

Please note that the current version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari is needed for the best user experience. Internet Explorer is not compatible with Magnet and therefore you will not be able to complete a posting using an Internet Explorer browser. For assistance with posting on Magnet, email

  • Toronto Met's Career & Co-op Centre and Magnet reserve the right to decline posting positions of external employers to the University.
  • All job postings must meet all federal and provincial legislation.
  • Toronto Met's Career & Co-op Centre and Magnet will not approve job postings for positions that require applicants to pay a fee to secure the position.
  • Toronto Met's Career & Co-op Centre and Magnet will not approve job postings that are franchise opportunities, volunteer opportunities*, and business opportunities.
  • Toronto Met's Career & Co-op Centre does not accept unpaid internships unless it meets a degree requirement.  For information on the legalities of unpaid internships in Ontario, please go to, external link and search “unpaid internships”.
  • Questions or requests to promote your Magnet job position on campus can be directed to

*Volunteer opportunities can be shared with the Volunteer Link program in Student Life & Learning Support.