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Psychology Core Elective Table II

A total of ten (10) courses is required from Table II including the following:

1 course from the Advanced Seminar Group

9 other Table II courses  

Cognition and Neuroscience

Developmental and Social Psychology

Clinical and Health Psychology

Advanced Seminar

Note for students admitted Fall 2019 and after: Only one Advanced Seminar course can be used to fulfill Table II requirements.

  • PSY 904 Advanced Cognition Seminar
  • PSY 905 Advanced Clinical Psychology Seminar
  • PSY 908 Advanced Developmental Seminar
  • PSY 914 Advanced Biopsychology Seminar
  • PSY 915 Advanced Health Psychology Seminar
  • PSY 918 Advanced Social Psychology Seminar

Advanced Methods and Independent Study

* This course appears in two different Table II groups.