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Minor in Social Innovation

The fundamental goal of this Minor is to help students engage in the emergent field of social innovation, to see themselves as change-makers and leaders who introduce innovative, radical and sustainable ways of improving life for those living in marginalized, disadvantaged or peripheral circumstance and to change the world for the better.

The curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach, draws on micro and macro analysis and recognizes academic and community expertise. A key aim is to create professional networks of peers and social innovators in fields of practice.

Administered by: School of Child and Youth Care

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required courses (3):

CYC 550 Foundations of Social Innovation
CYC 560 Social Innovation in Practice
CYC 570 Social Innovation in Action

Plus three (3) of the following:
Choose any three courses on this list. The courses have been grouped into themes to facilitate an informed choice. Some courses have prerequisites. Child and Youth Care students must choose non-CYC courses.

Theme 1: Health and Well-Being

CLD 450 Indigenous Early Learning
CYC 101 Intro to Child and Youth Care
DST 503 Current Topics in Disability I
FNY 400 Selected Topics in Food Security
FNY 510 Indigenous Food Systems in Canada
MWF 325 Birth and its Meanings
SWP 903 Crisis Intervention
SWP 908 Social Group Work
SWP 925 Strong Helpers' Teachings
SWP 933 Indigenous Health and Well Being

Theme 2: Adversity and Rights

CYC 201 Child Abuse and Neglect
CYC 602 Children's Rights
FNY 409 Gender and Food Security
SWP 905 Criticl. Appr. to Mental Health and Madness
SWP 923 Family Violence

Theme 3: Community Development

DST 506 Principles and Practices of Accessibility
FNY 407 Community Development and Food Security
FNY 408 Urban Food Security
INT 912 Community Development: International Field Experience
INT 917 Interprof. Ed. for Community Development
SWP 939 Art and Social Transformation

Theme 4: Diversity

DST 504 Mad People's History
SWP 900 Race and Ethnicity
SWP 926 Critical Practice with Queer Populations

Theme 5: Global Issues

CLD 448 Childhood in a Global Context
FNY 403 Food Security Concepts and Principles
FNY 404 Food Policy and Programs for Food Security
SWP 928 International Social Work

Theme 6: Leadership and Innovation

CYC 601 Social Research Methods
DST 727 Leadership Practices for Changing Times
SWP 927 Advocacy in Social Work
SWP 938 Innovative Organizing in Precarious Times

Please see  (PDF file) Senate Policy 2 (opens in new window) , Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.