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Minor in Innovation and Zone Learning

The Minor in Innovation and Zone Learning offers students the opportunity to take courses in a wide range of subjects and disciplines that will help them develop as changemakers and launch new ideas and new ventures into the world. Coursework will help students foster their ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate situations, ideas, and information, and to formulate responses and develop solutions to tangible problems. Students will pursue the development of their projects and ventures with the support of the Zone Learning network and its resources namely co-working spaces, research labs, and mentorship from peers, industry advisors, and academic researchers. Students who complete the program will have obtained curricular credit in a critically important secondary field of study, which coupled with their own majors, will leave them better prepared for their future roles.

Administered by: RTA School of Media, Department of Computer Science, and Office of Zone Learning

To obtain the minor, students will have to take three (3) required courses and three (3) electives from the following curriculum:

3 Required courses:

  • ZON 100 Zone Learning Project I
  • ZON 200 Zone Learning Project II (continuation of ZON 100 Zone Learning Project I)

Plus one (1) of the following:

Plus 3 Elective courses:

A total of three (3) courses from the following two (2) categories must be completed. You must complete at least one course from each category. See additional restrictions below.

Ideation and Prototyping Category

Empathy and Growth Category

  • SSH 100 Inquiry and Problem-Solving

  • SSH 502 Community Action Research



  1. Restriction: Students enrolled in any RTA School of Media program may count a maximum of 3 RTA-coded courses (or co-listed FCD courses that also have an RTA-code) toward completion of the Minor.

Note:  Zones regularly introduce new programs and adjust existing programs. Students are advised to contact the Zones or the Office of Zone Learning ( for current information on Zone entry requirements.