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Minor in Environment and Urban Sustainability

The Minor in Environment and Urban Sustainability (EUS) is offered to students to provide an understanding of sustainability issues as they relate to both the human and natural environments.

The Minor gives students the ability to grasp complex issues in a world of finite resources and to learn how to think about solutions and possibilities of creating sustainable actions in our environments. Analytical skills, critical thinking, confident decision making, and solution oriented results are the mainstay of the minor.

The EUS Minor enables students from varied disciplines to explore important challenges facing humanity, whether it is in the areas of environmental ethics, green businesses, greener cities, environmental decision making, or similar. The Minor will help students prepare for professional careers in their own area of study and for application to graduate programs.

Administered by: Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Exclusions: This Minor is not available to students in the following programs:

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required courses (2):

  • EUS 102 Environment and Sustainability
  • EUS 202 Sustaining the City's Environments

Minimum two (2) of the following:

  • EUS 301 Reading Neighbourhood Environments
  • EUS 450 Responses to Climate Change
  • EUS 550 Sustainable Cities: Politics and Equity
  • EUS 650 Waste and Waste Management
  • EUS 750 Energy and Transportation Transitions
  • EUS 760 Cities at Risk
  • EUS 850 Sustainability in Organizations
  • EUS 860 Measuring Sustainability
  • EUS 870 Ecological Restoration

Maximum two (2) of the following:

Please see  (PDF file) Senate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.